Zcash price deveplopment?

Regarding Zcash’s long term potential, I’ve just been doing some due diligence… could you confirm if the following points are correct for Zcash? Thanks

No anonymous multi-sig possible.

No viewkey and key images. It has something similar to the private tx key. Thus, can prove have paid someone, i.e., proof of a certain transaction. However, cannot reveal incoming transactions to an account, nor a balance.

No dynamic block size algorithm. The block size is 2 MB per 2.5 minutes, which is 8 MB per 10 minutes. In essence this is kicking the can down the road.

No tail emission to incentive miners in the future.

There’s the trusted setup.

The math / crypto backing it is in an infancy state and has not been thoroughly peer reviewed yet.

Takes ~4 GB of RAM and ~50 seconds to create an anonymous transaction on a high end server. On a “normal” desktop this will take significantly longer.

Ok, I was mining with NiceHash, lost my investment. Will try to mine long term with my hardware.