Zcash testnet coins

Well I am new to cryptomining, what happens with my coins I have mined in testnet after official launch of Zcoin? Are they going to be lost are will I be able to sell my coins?

Testnet coins are useless beyond testing Zcash functionality (mining, receiving, sending, etc.) They are not worth anything and will be destroyed

So that means as I was using zcash on two of my virtual instances for two days, all coins are going to be lost.

Testnet coins as stated are for testing purposes. From the alpha launch through Beta 1 and Beta 2 the blockchain is reset.

On main net launch the blockchain will be reset and starts from genesis block ( or block 1 )

I’ll save and cherish the testnet3 blockchain (including my wallet.dat) to show it to my children some day :wink:

Does anybody need some Testnet coins? If so, please post your transparent or shielded testnet address here.


@doli44 PM sent regarding your request for testnet3 coins.