Zcash to Zclassic to BitcoinPrivate

When Zcash launched, some people were unhappy with the founders rewards so they forked it to create Zclassic which didn’t have founders rewards.

On 1st January 2018, they have announced that soon, Bitcoin and Zclassic are hard forking to create BitcoinPrivate - so Bitcoin with zk-snarks… More details where:

Personally, I’m not sure if this will flop, or will do really well. Any thoughts?

well zclassic dev team is going to be working full time on btcp and no one of the dev team is going to be updating ZCL so ZCL as a coin has no potential at all.

I believe it’s going to die or have little to no value, so once the fork comes in I wouldn’t be amazed if the coin dumps like NXT.

Only valid strategy I think of with ZCL right now is to mine/stock and sell all some days before the fork.