Zclassic has hit Bittrex

The news is spreading like wildfire. Probably high time to convert ZEC to ZCL.

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I wonder who had most zec before spliting … cause he could sell zec and classic zec and have double profit

LOL, this isn’t ETC. Thats not what happened

But that would be funny :wink:

I’m probably going to mine both for the time being to hedge my bets. TBD which one will come out on top…

Zcash seems to have the “brand” currently, and certainly the hash power and user base, although it’s notable that Zclassic has more shielded value, which is the new hotness and essentially the whole purpose of the new currency (fork aside).

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Zclassic is quite Interesting.
Maybe zclassic would take zcash’s place.

Why was it even forked?

Read up on it… it’s basically because they (the people who forked) wanted all mined coins going to the miners rather than 10% going to the founders of the coin. The irony is that they were trying to fight greed via greed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure I’m oversimplifying that. Regardless, IMO 10% for the founders is whatever, but the people who cared enough to fork see it differently. Zcash electric coin company is for-profit. So what? What sucks is that we now have an immediate identity crisis of sorts for the coin. As far as everyday Zcash/Zclassic Joe User is concerned, the two coins are identical.

and you can mine it at https://zcl.suprnova.cc (also anonymously with your wallet address) :))

yup you can :slight_smile:

BITTREX DELISTINGS - Pending Market Removals 7/12/2019
The following markets will be removed from Bittrex.com and Bittrex International on July 12, 2019:


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