Zclassic and bitcoin private hard fork

Can anyone shed any light on this hard fork that is supposed to happen
on 28 feb at 5 pm utc. does this effect zcash as well

It does not affect zcash.

More information on those coins and the fork can be found all over the web.


Take a look at their whitepaper
They’re ALMOST taking Zcash and just calling it something else (that sapling malapropism? think i wouldn’t catch it?! ha!)
You’ll also get the impression that they dont fully understand Zk-snarks (not saying i fully do either but im not trying to pass that off)
Good luck to them i guess
Edit- maybe its not a true malapropism but its sneaky

That is the weakness of open source. I imagine Zcash would have been worth much more had they patented zk-snarks. I don’t think open source works well with for-profit enterprises. What is to stop a team from taking the code from one or more coins that they didn’t help develop and marketing it better and making it worth more than either of the parent coins?

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The incredible complexity, BTP is going to employ obfuscation probably because of that

Edit- if you read Zookos posts (not just here) you’d know that wouldnt happen

Edit- also theyre heavily relying on jubjub (says right in there) cause otherwise its moot, no real differences

I guess when you don’t learn the knowledge for yourself you don’t take any responsibility for it right?

Like Buterin himself said, “why not just use ZCash?”

Bitcoin Private has a catchy name, but it’s just essentially ZCash without the ZCash people. I don’t see it lasting. ZCL surely took a dump. Stick with ZEC.

Your right, its all the name
Makes people think its somehow not an alt coin and somehow that means intrinsicly more legitimate, let em think what they will

Yes like I said, possibly better marketing. We will see what the market says about it.