ZCash wallets

I see zecwallet no longer is active. does that mean there are no wallets for your computer now?

zcash website shows zingo, unstoppable, nighthawk, and edge. They are only for phones.

It also shows ywallet but it is intended for ycash.

Is there no wallet for just zcash that works on the computer? that does not seem right. computer wallets are standard it seems.


ywallet supports zcash too. In fact, several features are zcash only.


ywallet works well for Zcash, name can be misleading. Zingo also has computer version but still not great yet, needs sum new versions before can 100% recommend.

Basically, Ywallet is the only wallet for PCs. There is also a version of the Zingo! wallet for Windows, but I think it is still a beta version. You can check zlink.click site to find out about all the wallets.