Hum wtf!(ZCL) fraud or truth Zcash classic (market wallet)

Zclassic is a fork of Zcash: (@HeyRhett) decided to take another path by removing 20% fee. Miners are simply earning everything, we believe they deserve it, and the coin development can be supported by the community. ZCL also differ from ZEC by removing slow start (source), we are not trying to organize scarcity: Market decide the price.

Any dev can confirm plz

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im not the creator

suprnova has a ZClassic mining pool already

has many other also ccex and cryptopia

If defeating scarcity / satisfying immediate gratification is such a priority I’m surprised that camp had the restraint to not instamine up to the first halvening.

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They should also increase the issuance rate. Why only 50 ZCL every 10 minutes? Miners could earn 10x as much if you just increase that to 500 ZCL every 10 minutes.

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Mhh obviously $ZCL already has a value and it looks like at the moment it’s more stable than $ZEC. Democratizing the reward distribution is very important for value stability.

But let’s not forget, that as long as the founders’ reward stays on that transparent address they can still decide to “burn” all those coins and “destroy” $ZCL’s reason to exist immediately.

??? is this coming from a guy offering cloudmining? No wonder its very very expensive from this kind of thinking.

Sorry, did I need to put an /s tag in there? My comment was a criticism of this statement:

we are not trying to organize scarcity

A currency without scarcity has no value.

It’s also a criticism of the “Earn 20% more by getting rid of the dev fee!” logic. Value isn’t determined by the number of currency units transferred. It’s determined by the number of currency units times the value of each currency unit. A blockchain with a good and active development team is worth a lot more than 20% more than one without. Take ETC versus ETH, for example. All of the major devs are on ETH, and that means that the exchange rate of ETH is about 11x higher than that for ETC.

In any case, it doesn’t matter. The profitability of mining will equilibrate. If ZCL is slightly more profitable at launch than mining ZEC or ETH or ETC or XMR, people will switch their GPUs from one currency to another until the difficulty changes and they are all making the same amount on all blockchains. If a GPU miner makes $50 a month on XMR, then it will make $50 a month on ZEC and ZCL and ETH as well. The only difference is that with ZEC, the developers get an additional $12.50, for $62.50 total.

All the elimination of the Founder’s Reward from ZCL does is say that Zooko and his team’s contributions to making the technology possible are not worth 10% of the currency’s value. If that is your opinion, that’s fine. I will simply disagree with you, and support the people who are actually innovating.