ZEC disabled on Polo again?

Not good! Anyone know what might have caused it?

There is an update the devs are pushing, might be related to that but I'm not 100% sure.

why do people still use polo?

I've no idea @kek , I switched to Kraken.


i'm with you! hope more people move to kraken. at this point they probably deserve to be the top USD-ZEC exchange.

That's from a previous issue.

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Kraken's cool, but it just took me 12 business days to receive my bank wire into my kraken acct.. Missed a huge buying opp cuz that's a ridiculously long and unnecessary amount of time to wait for a bank wire, but looks like another buying opp is underway now so not too upset. But that's hella shady. stop making moves wit my money before you let me have access to it

@politico 12 business days is a lot, did they give a reason for it? Or is that normal?

that's what I'm sayin - no explanation except "it can take 5-12 business days." It also states that in their FAQ. The max a bank will tell you is 5 biz days, so they MUST be making their own moves with my money before giving access to it (kinda like banks do, just for extended periods of time).

hopefully, they don't make a habit out of that! kraken's not perfect, just, kind-of the least smelly turd. would be great if we could get listed on more US exchanges

EDIT - going to take the turd comment back.. without kraken support ZEC would be in even worse shape with USD than we already are.

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Yeah. I really wish QuadrigaCX was the standard. They are amazing. But they're Canada only and they only do BTC and ETH.

I withdrew directly to my bank. They say 4-7 Business days. I had it in 3. They also do PayPal which is next day.

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Totally feel you on that. and lol at least smelly turd. If we all had to rely on shit like Polo we'd be fucked so it's nice they're an option for ZEC. I have a feeling they'll become the standard, just hope they step their wire xfer game up

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That's too dope to hear, because I'm Canadian and I actually just submitted verification for QCX. Very excited about the instant interac online funding.

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I have zero complaints about Quadriga. I haven't had to reach out to their support team at all thus far (which is obviously a good thing in itself) so I'm not sure how good their support is. But judging by the experience I've had thus far from them, I doubt it's anything but top notch.

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Also for reference, I’ve been using them since Aug '16

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I actually just logged in and noticed they added Litecoin over the last couple of days as well (Quadriga)

You don't have to verify if you want to withdraw?

Yes you have to verify. Quadriga gives you 2 options to verify. Either by providing documentation (license, passport etc) or you can verify by one Canada's credit reporting agencies (Equifax). If you verify using Equifax, it's immediate. No need to wait for days or weeks. The documentation verification also doesn't take long. I don't even think it took a week (I can't remember exactly).

All these other exchanges could really learn a lot from them. I don't even bother withdrawing fiat with Kraken because they claim 7-15 days which is a bit absurd really. I use Kraken to convert ZEC to BTC and then transfer the BTC to Quadriga and sell it. Then withdraw to my bank account.