ZEC disabled on Polo again?

I actually just logged in and noticed they added Litecoin over the last couple of days as well (Quadriga)

You don't have to verify if you want to withdraw?

Yes you have to verify. Quadriga gives you 2 options to verify. Either by providing documentation (license, passport etc) or you can verify by one Canada's credit reporting agencies (Equifax). If you verify using Equifax, it's immediate. No need to wait for days or weeks. The documentation verification also doesn't take long. I don't even think it took a week (I can't remember exactly).

All these other exchanges could really learn a lot from them. I don't even bother withdrawing fiat with Kraken because they claim 7-15 days which is a bit absurd really. I use Kraken to convert ZEC to BTC and then transfer the BTC to Quadriga and sell it. Then withdraw to my bank account.

Sadly their deposit options don't look anything like that anymore.

Edited, sorry you're discussing withdrawal options. :smirk:

Yeah :wink:

Their deposit options aren't bad either. Interac Online is 1.5% fee which is reasonable.