ZEC Profit Ratio from Crypto Cpmpare

It’s April 16th 2019 here in Australia … I’m watching the profit ratio drop extremely Rapidly on CryptoCompare … it was above 100% a few hours ago … now it’s down to 31%

Can anyone help me understand why?
Please help

This Profit ratio per day usually hangs between 80 &120% , I tried another calculator and it had a more correct yearly income which would bring the other percentage up to where it’s supposed to be.I guess I’ll wait a while perhaps there is something wrong with the calculator … Just got nervous there and wanted some advice … thanks for anything you can post on this topic. Thank you.

Electricity is actually .28cents per KwH in AUD … I have done the conversion to USD as the calculator is in USD.
Even with the High electricity cost I am making profits. Still looking for less expensive eletricity though … maybe a co-location/hosting Data Centre.

Im using Innosilicon A9 ZMaster’s … have 12 of them running in my garage in a couple data Centre racks.

Well I’m new and not always that sharp so I appreciate Everyone’s comments on this!! I have already called the local co-location/Hosting data Centre in the area and find the cheaper way to do itso I can make the profit. Cheers, guys!!

Hey guys … with my hashrate at 600k and 12 miners Innosilicon A9’s … what pool should I be using? I’ve been using SlushPool … is that as good as any other? or does anyone have thoughts on that ?

Also, I’m posting a new screenshot … it’s back up to 66% profit … like I said before normally it fluctuates between 80% & 120% … but looks like it’s on it’s way back up slowly.

any other thoughts would be welcomed. Thank you/Cheers

Screenshots as to what you are talking about / seeing would be helpful

$0.20 per kw/h electricity cost? Forget about mining as soon as possible … Actually forget about mining whatever as soon as possible…

The price of Zcash has moved from 70 to 65 to current value, this will change the profit rate.
Additional H/s on the network will increase difficulty which will reduce the shares you recieve from finding a block (since you are a mining pool).
As the difficulty rises and your H/s does not, then you will make less profit each day.

What are you mining with to draw 10k watts at 600KH/s?

wondered the same and was beginning to make a calculation out of curiousity until i saw 0.20 per kw/h for electricity so it really doesn’t matter. He isn’t making any profit no matter with what on what he mines, lol.

Ouch. At that electricity rate you should really consider outsourcing your miners to a data center with cheaper electricity.