Zecmart.com - Buy Zcash Merch with Shielded ZEC via ZGo

Announcing Zecmart.com, the first online Zcash store to integrate ZGo. Buy your favorite Zcash merchandise and pay with shielded ZEC. Check it out today!

Huge shout out to @_eric for putting this store together and to @pitmutt for helping to integrate ZGo.


This is a huge win the the eco! Would love to get something like this working with ZecHub! Again, congrats to all involved :hearts: :zebra: :skateboard:


Let’s make it happen! You, @pitmutt and I should hop on a call next week to figure out how to integrate ZGo into ZecHub’s merch shop, what pain points exist, how to overcome them, etc. I think if we put our heads together we can figure out how to make it work. I will DM you my Signal contact info and we can schedule something from there.


I love this! Congratulations Jason and all who are participating in this project and future partnerships. An allied and integrated ecosystem is stronger and more committed to the mission of bringing the message of financial privacy with Zcash to all corners of the world.


@aquietinvestor don’t forget to tweet about it :rocket::full_moon:

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Can Zecmart be made like Ebay or Amazon so that we can sell on there?

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It could, but probably won’t go in that direction because of how Ross Ulbricht was held responsible for what other people sold.



There was a little bug that the cart didn’t retain the items/balance when I navigated around, the forms could be a bit bigger on a largish screen. I definitely didn’t love that email/phone were required for Zcash checkout. But, I look forward to my hat and t-shirt :+1:

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why are we working in this for woo commerce? my understanding is AMP/flexa already has a working product integrated into woo commerce that lets people pay with zcash/zec

My understanding is that Flexa isnt real p2p crypto. It only works in a small number of countries. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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it’s in 40,000 stores, it’s a proof zec is not used for point of sale. zec as fiat won’t work. it’s an edge use case better suited for 3rd party developers. block rewards should be used for core blockchain, not the edge especially when so much work is needed

I’m familiar with your position at this point. I don’t think you need to restate it in every thread. Flexa isnt p2p cryptocurrency, its a money service available in some countries (not most). It’s a way to sell your ZEC and spend fiat. Correct me if I’m wrong.


the people spending zec don’t know it’s being sold. flexa has worked with merchants and found merchants want fiat. so that’s the point you are missing.

i get your point as well. which you also state on every thread. you want money from block rewards, no strings attached for your projects regardless if it benefits zec holders or not.

:joy: why aren’t people rushing to build here with such a wonderfully supportive community? I’ve spent 1000s of hours working on building the Zcash community as best as I could and have not taken one single dime of income for my efforts.

Congratulate the people who have done good work here and have some class. You are poison for the community here.


Because of regulations and taxes? Or because its better? If I’m a small business Id rather use ZEC than Flexa but that’s just me. But now I need to be compliant, with rules that are unclear, and meant to screw anyone with a flip of the switch. P2P is another great use case for underground business, but you can’t measure that :wink:


its poisonous because you have a extremist position you won’t let go of. i want privacey for all people and its unfortunately not the direction zec has taken. the new roadmap from @josh is a very good and solid step in the right direction, that means existing grant recipients will and should be unfunded. zec is imploding if you have not noticed. we need a change

We should probably take this elsewhere as its not on the topic of celebrating this acheivement in the OP. Oh well though. Every thread on the forum turns into a total bummer. Someone has a small fire kindling and you insist on urinating on it to put it out.

What’s my extremist position, exactly? Please answer that. I’m moderate, malleable, and basically unopinionated wrt to ZEC, Zcash, the devfund. Some of your ideas sound fine. I don’t even have a strong position, much less an extremist one. There is not a single aspect of any of these debates that I feel like I have the perfect answer. You have the perfect answer for everything which is impressive.


it’s been a few years since i read up on it. my recollection is it’s better because it’s not volitile and they need fiat to operate their business and they need instant clearing as well as gaursnteed payment. now it sounds like josh has a relationship with TR Spalding who created AMP and Flexa. so we can just ask him directly?

this is a fundamental issue and affects everything in terms of how money is spent. so either is a fiat alternative or it’s not. if it’s not we need to take a hard turn to bring privacey to the currencies people want to use for spending. to me it’s obvious, but based on the grants and these boards it’s not clear because we keep funding zec as fiat project/ and push back sync. i would be the first one to admit im wrong if zec was used as fiat, but there is absolutely zero evidence it’s working as such.

Isn’t that the point? :shield:

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the point is for people to use zec; they are not; …the most important point is for zec to increase in price.; it’s not…

would you get behind a change in vision where zec is not considered a fiat alternative and privacey was applied to stablecoins and collateral based assets ?