Zecwallet-v0.7.1 First run error - username / password not acceptred

I have zecwallet installed on a Linux Mint 19 machine. I am attempting to run it on first instance. I get an error saying username / password not accepted by zcashd. It says I can “change” it in the settings, but wtf? The same wallet seems to run fine on my Win10 box.

NB: I am running zcashd on the mint box since that box is a ZCash node. Is that the cause? Should I shut down ZCashd?

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If you are running zcashd on your Linux machine, you need to enable RPC on it so that ZecWallet can connect to it. I suspect you don’t have the rpcuser and rpcpassword configured in your ~/.zcash/zcash.conf file.

Can you make sure you have something like this in your zcash.conf file:


I was having this problem on one of my machines too. Thanks.

It’s going now! Thank you :slight_smile:

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