Zepio - sending from t to z address problem


I was just trying out Zepio wallet to play around with zcash shielded address feature and sent 2 tx with 0.1 zec each to my t address within the wallet. then from t address I sent to z address for 0.1 and it went through but now I’m not able to send the remaining zcash from t address as under send it shows 0 available fund although dashboard is showing there is fund in my t address.

Sent another 0.01 to t address thinking that I need at least 0.1 before I can send it out to z address but it seems that is not the issue. I’ve included screencap showing different amount of zec under Dashboard and Send. Any explaination to this and why it shows 0.1099 is still unconfirmed?

t address - https://zcha.in/accounts/t1HvTBZCxzhVDjFqwyVAY2KRqmwVvMNEGbU

screencap - https://imgur.com/a/sgVG6ja

At the time the screenshot was taken it appears that the transparent amount is equal to the unconfirmed, have you had any luck recently?

Thought the same first, but than again, the transparent transactions are several hours old allready + he could send one of these allready, means for some reasons confirmed (i guess they are) get into uncomfirmed status for some reason. That’s how it looks to me at least.

No luck so far, the dashboard still showing the same unconfirmed amount.

Id probably try a reindex

Will try reindex later. But why within blockchain my t address shows only 0.01 balance?

Are the remaining funds in a change address (i.e. different t address)?

https://zcha.in/accounts/t1ZdpPEu9qnDRJEL1ScvgHcDo1ajNKRPStK is the change address right? Do I need to do anything to have access to the address?

Where is says send from address in Zepio can you expand this drop down and does it show a balance in another address? When you did that shielded send it would have returned the change to a new transparent address and yes this is confirmed by the block explorer that this is the correct address.

This explorer displays it better: https://explorer.zecmate.com/tx/1e2a7e4d7937849459948888fba4277bce6cd9373c7b433c6d75222649079a4a

Here you can see your t->z transaction consumed the two 0.1 inputs from t1HvTBZCxzhVDjFqwyVAY2KRqmwVvMNEGbU and sent the transparent change to t1ZdpPEu9qnDRJEL1ScvgHcDo1ajNKRPStK. So simply choosing this address to send from in Zepio should be enough (it’s a dropdown menu).

thanks for your explanation. Currently I’m re-indexing and will update it here once done.

You were right there is change address within “send”, although I’m pretty sure it wasnt there before I re-index. Is this consider normal behavior to use change address?

Thanks for helping out!

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Yes this behaviour (for transparent addresses) is inherited from Bitcoin and change by default goes to a new address. This was added in Bitcoin as a measure to preserve privacy and prevent trivial linking of transactions on the blockchain, shielded (z) addresses do not have this property and any change is returned to the sending (z) address by default.

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Cool, it seems that you have to wait for awhile before the change address to start showing up in “send” dropdown.

Thanks man!

I’m new in the Zcash-community.
I have a similar Problem with the Zepio desktop wallet on macOS (Mac mini ).
It worked fine until yesterday. After a test sending from my zepio-t-adress to another t-adress (Guarda Wallet) and vice versa, I couldn’t send anything from my zepio-t-adress, because the available funds is displayed as 0.
The dashboard displays the same amount for transparent and for unconfirmed.
The displayed transparent amount and wallet summary amount are correct (> 0).
The re-indexing has already been done but it didn’t change anything.
What should I do to solve my problem?

Hi @speedy , it sounds like your funds have been sent to another address in your wallet.

This is known as a “change address”. By default your Zepio wallet has 100 T- addresses in it and after a transaction is complete the wallet sends the change to another random address in your wallet.

You will need to search through your wallet to find the new address your funds are sitting in.

Thank you very much, that was the solution.
Best regards!