Zingo, In Your Pocket!

What if everytime zingo receives funds into the transparent pool, it immediately creates a transaction that sends those funds to the Orchard pool? In other words, what if it never holds transparent funds? Would that provide the UX you need?


Question: the link above for android is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ZingoMobile but the zingo website links to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ZingoLabs.Zingo

I presume the latter is now the correct one?

Also been using it on ios and really liking it. Really intuitive, and I especially like that I can see how much money is in each pool.


That’s awesome too!

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@NaomiBrockwell Yes, the first link is to the beta and the second link is the production version

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Hi @Teddd @joshs we’re talking about this. UX is critical to us.

We’re going to point the “Shield” button at Orchard and re-expose it.


Hi, Zancas. I’m using Zingo as my Zcash wallet. It is easy and convenient for sending/receiving ZEC, but the syncing time is very long… Today ECC did tweet about syncing problem. If ECC solves this problem, will Zingo’s sync problem also be solved?


No. Zingo isnt built on ECCs wallet SDK and uses Blaze-Sync. Blaze-Sync is faster than the current ECC SDK sync algorithm but slower than Ywallets Warp-Sync


This is by far the best wallet around right now. Big respect to the devs! Its a shame nighthawk has not even added UA support yet …

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Some suggestions for wallet:

  1. Show the total fiat value of each transaction on the history page. In ZecWallet it shows us what the value of ZEC was at the time we sent or received it.

  2. We need the ability to create fresh addresses. This is a big one for privacy! If people are to use this wallet on a daily basis with exchanges the ability to make fresh t addresses at least is needed.

  3. Allow us to display value in different national currencies ( Pound , Euro , Thai Bhat would be nice!)

  4. In this screenshot you can see how each transaction displays the ᙇ symbol. However it not displayed correctly as its showing twice… - it should be displayed on the left side of the amount.

@zancas thank you for all your hard work, I hope the team will consider the above suggestions.
I would really like to use this wallet more on a daily basis and on board Thai users (I am based in Thailand).

PS - also sent in a ZEC donation via free2z (with a memo), hope you guys got it.