Results (ZCash) don't fulfill expectations (sol/s)

Hello Community,

I’m quite new to this topic so excuse me if this is a dumb or self explanatory question but:

We recently changed from ether to ZCash and before we used a lot of Miningprofitabilitycalculaters (like 5 or more) to see if it is…well…profitable. We have 2 graphic cards with about 250 sol/s (h/s). All of the calculators say we get about 2$ a day (60$ per month), which is quite good.

So we started ethos and it shows 264 hash per card. Then we went on dwarfpool and it shows 520 sol/s. So everything is as expected. The problem is, after 3 days we only have 2$…a third of what we should have.

So what’s the problem here? What am I missing? Don’t we have the latest difficulty or…? It’s not like there are missing like 10% or so…no, it’s 20$ a month instead of 60$ and that is a too big difference to be profitable.

I hope you can help us.


Calculators say 500sol/s = 60$ per month;
Results say 500sol/s = 20$ a month

I would wager it’s just due to poor luck and the relative size of the pool you chose to mine with. Dwarfpool is fairly small by hash power, and this translates into fewer blocks found per hour; however, when a block IS found by your pool, your share will be higher than on larger pools because there are fewer people to split the proceeds among.

There’s also this…

Thank you. Maybe we should try flypool, as many suggested.