1080 Ti at 80 degrees on stock settings?

Hey guys,

I recently got the Inno3d iChill X4 1080 TI, performance wise the card is doing good 710-730 sol/s on stock BUT with the fans at 100% temps are holding at 80C which is too much for running 24/7 so I lowered the TDP to 80% and now the card is at a constant 70C.
Should I buy a big-ass ventilator to blow in the PC? Will that lower the temps ?


No, I would keep it at around 80% all the time unless you have free electricity. If that is the case, then yes get a room fan to blow over them to cool them off some.

If like most of us you do pay for electricity, then drop it to 80% and leave it there. While you do lose a bit of hash rate, your efficiency also will go up so you are getting a better Sol/Watt ratio.

With a bit of tweaking and at 80% I can maintain close to a 700 Sol/s hash rate on a 1080Ti while dropping the wattage, and thus heat, down quite a bit, saving some electricity in the meantime. Plus they are quite expensive cards to burn up right away, and even in the time it takes to RMA one you would probably lose more hash rate then just running them a bit lower.

Yes, I am paying for electricity but I’d still get a room fan, I dont mind some extra 50w as long as it will make a difference.

Yeah, 80 C still isn’t really too bad for a GPU, but if you are worried a fan certainly wouldn’t hurt, the cooler the better.

Hey, maybe you or anybody now about hashrate on 1080 ti gaming x from Msi!?

It’s about the same as the other 1080 ti cards, 710-750 Sol/s depending on how overclocked you have it.

Sounds like its running warm considering the huge cooler on it. My cheapy Palit runs at 70 degrees full pelt at 60% fan and 65 degrees at 57% fan when optimised a bit.

Either the cooler on that card is rubbish, or you have bad case cooling, try taking the sides of the case off see if that helps.

Both sides of the case are off, the fans of the cooler itself suck, they are low RPM fans hitting 1700 rpm at 100%, they were built to be silent not for performance though.
I’ll just buy a room vent to blow in the gpus.