Profits Down past 4 days

Hi everyone. I have noticed over the past 4 days or so profits are down on whattomine and fly pool shares a little lower than usual. My hash rates have stayed the same and in fact I’ve added an additional 6 1070’s to my farm and still see about a significant decrease in profits, is there something going on that I missed?


Overall network hashrate is increasing which increases difficulty and a decreasing price, effective hashrate and actual hashrate are different, believe you can set your difficulty with flypool somehow, can’t remember exactly, setting it higher may help with share value and your overall reward though total number of shares will most likely decrease, nanopools default diff is higher, maybe just try that :grin:

Thanks for the reply. After watching the situation over the weekend, I see my hash rates holding where they should be and the price increase to 250ish didn’t significantly increase my profits, difficulty has been between 7 and 9 for a couple of weeks now, so I’ve been scratching my head wondering what’s going on.

Thanks. I assume the example showing ZecMiner also works with DSTM?

All over the world ((((
I’m on my monitoring service ( has noticed a decline in the average 30% on many pools.

I think this is all ASIC