8 x P106-100 mining machine demo


The First link is a Video Demo review show in China Site, it is safe to watch, don't worry :slight_smile:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Does that show 22 Mh/s? It's less than I was expecting..

Any zcash numbers?


Yea, 22.6 - 22.7


Look at the clocks - 1500/2277 - those are WAY too high, and ETH could be throttled. I bet dropping the core down to 1200, and vram to 2200 - you'll see it bump up to around 25-26/card

Out of curiosity, what is the current price at for them?

some sellers told me 22, others 25
i need to launch them up and try, but.... hopefully tomorrow

The P104-100 cards are supposed to get around 60 Mh/s, which seems like a big jump from 25 Mh/s (after UC). This projection seems a bit high after the P106-100 card performance for ETH. I guess we'll see!

Here is some initial analysis if you were going to spend 4k on new cards.

Assuming 150 watts per card with 8 cards at 25 Mh/s with the GP106-100 ($500/card):

Assuming 270 watts per card with 5 cards underclocked to 735 Sol/s with the 1080 ti water-cooled Corsair cards ($800/card):

in all fairness, the rig does look pretty slick. the hype is real and i cant wait :heart_eyes:

i wonder how much this would drive up the price/difficulty of zec tho :thinking:

I think not much because zec's Equihash has a memory-intensive bottleneck that makes it difficult to build a mining-specific board for. I haven't seen the zec benchmarks which might be out soon, but my thought is that these cards are really targeting eth.

is it really?

can you please explain to me how this is different? (edited becuase i sounded like dick)

This miner is really just a simplified system designed around a graphics card. It doesn't re-design the card and put it all on one board like a Bitcoin mining ASIC.