Sols Rates and a Windows CPU / ATi Miner Suggestion

What IS a good Sol/s rate? Currently with just CPU’s I am getting around 717.51 sol/s. I have been trying to find a good Windows miner that will allow me to mine to any pool I choose that runs in Windows and with ATI (RX 480) cards and CPU Cores, but not much luck.

I am also not sure I want to send 2% to a Dev and 1% to a pool, seems rather expensive as I am not exactgly burning up the mining pool I would think. I wouldn’t be adverse to donating to a Dev or possibly even a 1%/1% cost but I am not cranking out the Sols here I don’t think 3% of my rewards should be eaten up along with power and equipment costs. I always support good software, but mandatory fees seem different, like Obamacare, only for mining…

Any good miner suggestions for Windows ATi/Intel GPU/CPU’s?

I am not sure with optiminer but with claymore turn off the dev fee, that will save you the 2% dev donation fee… and there are pools that occasionally run a 0% fee but most are usually 1%. If you don’t want to pay the 1% the solo mine and have a run at lady luck!

1% pool = there are paying all transaction fee’s upkeep, and countless other things that I don’t have to worry about, well worth it to me

2% dev fee = paying for someone to software to mine cryptocurrency, who updates the software so that I get more sol’s, and is there questions then you can get ANSWER’s if things seem incorrect, again well worth the 2% fee

at your rate, you send 14 sol’s for the dev fee and 7 sol’s to the pool fee which might be $0.05 cents a day (depending on current zec prices)?

Also to be honest, if you are mining zec, and unless you power is free at the sol’s you listed, you are probably either breaking even or losing money.

I apologize if this sounded negative, just trying to be upfront, open, honest