Alt coins flounder as Bitcoin holds

Some interesting and perhaps troubling signs are showing in the Alt coins. BTC continues to hold $8000 As the Alt coins get closer to breaching their recent lows. They are all much lower than the early Feb sell off that saw btc hit $6000. So the question is: what happens to the price of Alt coins if btc goes back to the 6000 area or even breaks that? That is still 25% down from these levels. That would probably put zec around the 150 area. Eth in the low 300’s. My betting is that difficulty would still stay elevated. I wonder how many people are sitting on cards they bought well above msrp and now are costing more to operate then profit. As Asics come ever closer and so does the launch of nvidia 11xx or 20xx, is the pain going to get a whole lot worse?

I really want to believe that its not going to get worse… I really do… but my gut is telling me run :sweat: