Am I doing it right?

Hello everyone,

I'm very new to this mining, and I would just like to check if I'm doing everything correct.
I downloaded folder from here:
It's named "nheqminer_v0.3a".
Then I created simple .bat file and added this inside: nheqminer.exe -l usa -u 1A8arZDB9TyHDrcpR19qKXTGMkDJ9SN3wY.Worker1 -t 2 -cd 0

I got that code from this website after I registered:

Then I just run script and it starts working something.
I can see some numbers like 24 I/s and 45 Sols/s. Is that okay?

But then I have another question about GPU mining. Is it possible to limit GPU usage? I don't want it to use all cuda cores, because computer will start lagging if I do that. Is there any way that I could limit GPU usage to 90% or to 1500 cuda cores? I have GTX 1070 with 1920 cores, and i7 4790k CPU.

Please let me know if I did something wrong xD

And another question: How do I know if I acctually earn something? How can I see how much money I made?
How do I stop mining? Simply just close that cmd window?