Am i doing this right (total n00b)

Hello folks!
First I would like to state that I have read the mining guide and the FAQ, and I still have some questions and stuff that is not clear to me :blush:
Can you please take a look and tell me if I am going in a right direction?

My CPU and GPU are getting hot, so i guess it mining, but i am worried about low solution rate and i am worried that i mine into a black hole instead of my wallet, because when i check my balance and unverified balance it is 0.000

Question 0.
̶A̶m̶ ̶I̶ ̶m̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶h̶o̶l̶e̶?̶
Edit i joined some pool and i was able to see some changes, also i started a CUDA miner which apparently ius more effective - 70 sols/s

Question 1.
When I type the command zlistaddresses_ to see my local addresses i only see the Z one and not the T one?
I saw this explanation

_zcash-cli listtransactions to see all transparent addresses that have balances, mature and immature.

Just like in Bitcoin when you start Zcashd you have a keypool of 100
addresses for receiving and sending funds, I don't think there is a way
to get a list of all keys in the wallet unless they have a balance. They
are just a randomly generated set of keys that don't mean anything
until they are used in creating a transaction."

Is this valid?

Question 2.
If I am solo mining can I use a web based interface to check upon my generated funds? Perhaps some @ localhost if the miner allows it?

Question 3.
Should I even bother whit this with one PC only, albeit powerful, or am I too late for the hype train? Perhaps invest a couple of grand in cloud-based farming?

screengrab1 lin

sorry forgot to attach the screengrab

screengrab2 win

Just to help put this into perspective for you to decide whether it's worth it to mine with your current hardware:

A GTX 960 does 160 Sol/s
A GTX 1060 does 300 Sol/s
A GTX 1070 does 430 Sol/s
An RX 570 does 280 Sol/s

If you're wanting your GPU and CPU to mine together, you should point them to the same pool. If you use the zcash client to mine with your CPU, you won't really make anything unless you find a block. It's not a pool in the sense that you get paid per share. Your chances of finding anything using the built in miner are slim to none.

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thank you so much for elaborating on this. I find it odd that this zcash thing has been around for quite a while now, but the documentation is at a pre-alpha stage. i think because it is based on bitcoin the devs think that end users have much knowledge "for granted", which is not true.
In the end people who can code write "1 click miners" for end users, but they put fees inside.
This is why i wanted to stick with the "stock" zcash miner.
I guess i don't undertsand this at all (yet).
Oh well at least it made me feel good that i am contributing to something good, supposedly.

To be fair, Zcash is still relatively young. Using a CPU to mine was reasonable just 6-8 months ago. However, Zcash has gained popularity so you're seeing an influx of GPU miners now and that makes CPU mining almost pointless. Thankfully Zcash mining inherently works against ASICs so at the moment, GPU's are really the best way to mine.

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thanks! one more newbie question -
when I am mining in Windows - my ~/.zcash/wallet.dat file practically resides on an /ext4 partition which is not mounted in Windows and visible only in Linux.

So does that mean that my "shares" are not saved in a file and only in the pool's data?

I think you're confusing a few things.

First, your wallet doesn't have anything to do with mining really. Aside from getting zcash deposited from a pool where you've made some zcash. Or if you're solo mining the zcash would go directly into your wallet. I would strongly recommend doing some reading on crypto currency and mining. If you don't have an understanding of the entire process (and by that I don't mean you need a degree, but an understanding of the process), you risk losing currency.

Some questions you may want to look into to get a better understanding:

What is a wallet?
What is crypto mining?
What is a mining pool?
What is a crypto exchange?

This post is genuine, I'm not being sarcastic. :slight_smile:

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thanks for being patient enough with me.
that explanation makes sense and helped me understand it better already!
i am gonna research a bit more before i spam the forum with BS.

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A GTX 1070 does 430 Sol/s

Why is my 1080 only doing 390 (on the command line log) / 420 (on the pool's website dashboard)?

Your 1080 or your 1070? The pool may be showing an overall average. Your miner may be showing an incorrect hashrate. The pool could be showing an incorrect hashrate. You will find that the numbers between your miner and whatever pool you're using fluctuates. So while it may show 420 right now, it could show 350 later which would be lower than your actual hashrate. There's nothing to worry about really. Unless it's a 1080 only doing 390 Sol/s, then I'd be worried as it should be much higher than that.

Unless it's a 1080 only doing 390 Sol/s, then I'd be worried as it should be much higher than that.

That's what I'm saying! :frowning:

I am running a 1080 and it's only doing ~390, but you said a 1070 does 430...!!

I'm on Ubuntu using the Nicehash miner (the one that pays out in BTC)

Have you tried EWBF's CUDA specific miner?

Not yet...I guess I should.

Once again thanks!

Today I received my first transaction from the pool to me ! Yay!
Also i got a 1080 TI 11GB lmao
for the record - my old GPU Palit GTX 770 OC 2 GB did 70 Sol/s, while the new MSI 1080TI Twin Frozr does 700+ Sol/s

Hi again,
I bought 3 x Asus ROG 1060 STRIX 6 GB and tested them and they do about ~300 Sol/s avg each (no overclock)
with mild OC on memory it raises it up to 310 easily.
i kinda though the core is more important in zcash