Assistance would be greatly appreciated


I have been following the zcash for a significant amount of time before it launched.

I have build a computer with the following

Gigabyte Z170-HD3 motherboard
Intel i7-6700k
Crucial Ballistix DDR-2400 64GB
Iocrest 4 port RAID card
Toshiba TR150 x2 in RAID 1
EVGA 750BQ power supply
CyberPower CP1200AVR battery backup
Ubuntu server 16-04lts with desktop gui on top

It took me quite a bit of time to slap it all together because what can I say, I am rusty.

The hardest part was getting ubuntu up and running with the RAID 1. I figured out how to start mining on all 8 cores with the tromp solver and can see my empty wallet thanks to zcash swing wallet UI.

I am getting this sinking feeling that I am going to spend a bunch of money on electricity and never get any zcash because I am only getting 16.1159 sol/s and from what I have gathered, I will have a very small chance of mining any zcash with this hardware.

I have been out of the computer scene for a long time and kinda get the mining pool concept and was under the impression that gpu mining would not be available at launch.

I have a multi-part question.

Should I join a mining pool?

If yes, which one?

Can I add 2 GPU's to this box and run them instead of cpu and get higher sol/s rate?

What GPU should I use? I was thinking GTX1070.


You should definitely join a Pool. And yes, you should add in some GPU's, from my own experience you should buy AMD GPU's. (RX 480 8GB) seems to be the best one yet.

Thank you for replying, my machine has been running non-stop and I have no zcash :frowning:

Can someone suggest a pool, that is not a scam and has a quality setup tutorial.

It looks like my partner in funding this box and I are going to buy rx480 and slap them in.

Can I run the cpu and gpu all together on ubuntu on a pool?