Am I Mining at all? (Mac - Zcash Miner)

Hey! 99% Noob here!

Found out about mining crypto 2 days ago. Last night left my Zcash Miner in my 2009 Macbook Pro running during the night.

On suprnova when I go to my account > earnings EVERYTHINGs in on zeros. I know that with my little hash power of ~0.80 H/s I am not gonna mine that much but after 8 hours I was expecting at least a 0.00000001 :grin:

How do I know if I am mining at all. Today gonna test ZClassic.. might be easier to mine..

0.80 H/s is insanely low. Does your miner show you're submitting shares? Are they being accepted? Just to put things into perspective, most newer dedicated GPU's do over 100H/s. You're not even hitting 1H/s. I would be very surprised if you get anything at all out of that. Aside from burning electricity for literally nothing. There are very few CPU's that are worth using to mine, least of all in a 2009 Macbook Pro.

AhAHHA I know! just testing this out before deciding if I am gonna spend money on this.

I only have miner open while I am on the computer. Mined I believe, 0.00097203 ZCLA
my hashrate is 894.78 would take me what

(i know there is many option) but is there an option to mine ZCLA on a windows as easy as Zcash Miner?