Looks like im mining but no movement in pool stats

Hi im setup on macbook pro 13" 2011 High sierra.
Using suprnova pool and it seems like im mining as showing 2.70 H/s and 5,22 sol/ with lots new code in box saying ‘receiving new jobs’ etc.
But on the suprnova interface im showing zero Zcash and flat lining on stats?
Can anyone help pllease

Zcash mining with a cpu is a hobby

you are getting exactly the H/s you should be getting


Thanks so if i was to buy an external thunderbolt graphics card and add 8 gig more
ram would it help?

Yes, as long as the card has more than 2gb memory and was made within the last 12/18 months should work fine.
Ram will not help increase mining results but will help your computer run more efficiently.

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one more question, so the fact i have H/s sol/s numbers showing means im logged in and mining? The reason I ask is there is still no change in the mining pool dashboard figures. Surely even a tiny amount should be showing after 2 days mining?

As I am not familiar with suprnova, It is difficult to to answer you question as to why nothing is showing on the dashboard. I can say that even though you have a H/s if no shares are being submitted or due to high latency this could be the issue.

Ok thannks
Really appreciate your help.
Im looking at mining differently now but will not give up just yet.

For Zcash mining IMO there is only 2 pools with steady profit. Its very bad