August 27, 2021 - weekly forum update

Hello Zcashers,

Here’s your fresh batch of updates from the land of crypto.

Zcash updates

Community shoutouts

  • Shout out to @hanh at Zwallet, @chilebob and other community members for providing lots of translations in the past week including Spanish, Chinese and Persian.


  • Onboarding new associate DevSecOps - welcome Sasha Sullivan!
  • Tekton CI threat model draft complete
  • Conducted initial CI audit for new Tekton system
  • Built Infrastructure to test multiple Tekton setups on different versions in parallel environments


  • Discovered incompatibilities in the Poseidon hash implementation ecosystem
    • Started working on a specification for Poseidon, several projects involved
  • Made substantial progress on ZIP 239 preparations (5274, 5275)
  • Made substantial progress on Orchard wallet support internals (5264)
  • Putting the finishing touches on the Halo Security Proof for final review by Mary Maller
    • Our goal is to have the proof complete prior to testnet release
  • Began work on restructuring Halo 2 Gadgets into their own crates (186, 188)
    • Waiting on Poseidon specification to complete


  • Apple account recovery complete (Apple doesn’t like Compound Surnames)
  • Research Spike - Distributing iOS SDK through Swift Package Manager
  • iOS Repos cleanup, labeling, sorting, etc.
    • Zcash iOS SDK: 10 issues closed, 11 updated
    • iOS ECC Wallet repo:: 7 issues closed, 28 updated
  • CI for Secant iOS Wallet Repo in place

In the news, SEC’s Gary Gensler says the DeFi world isn’t immune to regulation. MobileCoin has raised $66 million in venture capital to build privacy-focused payments tech. China passed a strict new privacy law to limit data collection by tech companies. And in Cuba, where many citizens have been turning to blockchain solutions, the central bank has established regulatory rules around the use of virtual assets.

Enjoy the weekend!


Great update.

Question: how serious of a threat is MobileCoin as a competitor to Zcash?

Competition in improving FinTech privacy for the world is not a threat, but validation of the opportunity. The investor list shows the long term commitment by big money. Zcash with trust-less setup, unified addresses and auto shielding technology can work towards becoming people’s money VS setting up a centralized co with decentralized tokens(a hybrid path taken by many projects in the last 2 years).


What is the Poseidon?

It’s a hash function used in the Halo proving system if I understand correctly.

More context from the blog post:

We also discovered some ways to facilitate better interoperability between Zcash and projects that are planning to use Poseidon, so we’re working on a generally-usable Poseidon specification which might lead to a change in our implementation.

And I believe this is mostly related from Zcash R&D discord.