Best GPU for ZEC/ETH? (No electricity cost)

Your mining rig is porn :heart_eyes:

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Do you got a wattmeter?
If yes ,can you measure your power consumption at 60 and 80%TDP with 7x 1070 pls just to reasure me at this topic

I ordered today (7 days delivery):
1x Wattmeter
1x Corsair AX1500i 80PLUS Titanium
1x Intel Celeron G3950 (3.0 GHz)
1xCrucial DDR4 4 Go 2133 MHz CL15 SR X8
1xMSI GeForce GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC(I'll buy 6 more before risers get home)

Before yesterday( slow delivery from china)
7x Riser x16 to x1 USB3.0

If ZEC and ETH go down I'm dead :slight_smile:

I have 4 asus gtx 1080 ti cards and mine zcash
Total speech about 2700 sol/s
Is it slow?
Please advise

I use 1080 ti
Do you know where to sell zcash
I am new to mining

It's a normal speed at stock

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I do not have a wattmeter, but i noticed that EWBF’s miner shows almost same watt reading as Corsair Link in other rigs.

Corsair Link is a software that works with top end Corsair PSU’s (AX1500i is one of them) and shows exact in/out watt usage, try to see if you can refund the wattmeter as you don’t need one

Example from my AX1200i from another rig

Back to your request, here you go :

TDP@ 80
Core : +100

TDP@ 60
Core : +100

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Great rig, very cool. But it must be quite expensive in total. How's the RoI, and is Is the extra performance (& extra reliability) worth the cost?

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Please i am new in mining. I have offer for
10 cards of asus ROG Strix Geforce gtx1080 08g gaming. Can you tell me how much of sols i can expect from each card per month, and how much watts to use.
Thank you so much

You can except 5000sols/s at stock

Are you aware of the { Cryptomined } channel on YouTube? I humbly suggest that you watch all of those clips, and many more. (eg BBT). BEFORE you commit real Capital to something you don't yet fully understand. At some point there may be a significant market "correction", and we don't want to be caught unprepared! Also, you might find this calculator useful.

O telegram 04125010076 0424 4432036

My GPU3 seem working fine with about 740sol/s but my GPU0, GPU1, GPU2 only about 640-700sol/s
do you know the reason, please advise
Thank you so much jimmy97one61!

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Maybe a power saving feature but i dont know sorry benrafael !

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Thx u, i will check and get back soon

I need you help , I newbie ^^
I use same card with u,
1. temp ? how u can do it? any fan ? mod fan, air-conditioner ?
2.could u send me code, which help me show this info?
sorry, my English not good,
many thanks !

Each one of his GPUs is watercooled.

You just need to add this to your .bat file: --pec

  1. WOW !!
  2. thanks u so much ! ^^
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Did any of you experience slower mining speed on PCIE USB3.0 risers? my 1080 on motherboard do around 500 sol/s on riser only 400. Any ideas?

yes I also noticed that and I used sata to molex and then I had some weird things going on with the gpu usages and when just going to molex I had no problem

I moved riser now from shor PCIE to full size and speed is back to normal, weird I read everywhere that for mining there is not difference betwen short and long PCIE