Can't Use 6 GPU'S


I m newbie here in Mining… I am trying to make a Rig with RX480 8G cards but facing lots of issues…
1- When I place 5 GPU’S 1 card is showing 0 MHZ memory in GPU-Z also it is showing 4 Mh speed in miner
2- When I plugged in 6th GPU my display is going blank or black screen…
Somebody pls help…My Configuration are given below…
Mobo :- MSI Z270 Platinum
RAM :- Corsair 8G ( Virtual set to 16G)
Processor:- i5
PSU :- EVGA 1600W
GPU :- 5 Sapphire Rx 480 Nitro 8G & 1 MSI Armor Rx480 8G
Window 10

Pls help… @cryptomined

Is anyone there who can respond and help me on this issue…

You mentioned nothing re 4G encoding. Make sure it’s enabled in BIOS.
If you still have issues, disable 4G encoding, reinstall RX* drivers, rm 6th card, re-enable 4G, plug back in the 6th card, reboot.

Dear Anon thanks for responding however I have already enabled 4G decoding but the concern is when I place the 4 gpu together they all are working fine ( without doing gen-1,gen-2& gen-3 settings) but when I place the 5th gpu I have to enable the PCI subsystem settings to gen-1,gen-2 & gen-3 and enable 4g decoding and after saving these settings my any 1 of the gpu is showing 0 MHZ in GPU-Z…what should I do…
pls help…I have already updated my Mobo BIOS

Ok. What’s your EWBF conf? Is your win environment showing all 5 cards present before executing miner via dxdiag, share screenshot if you can? If your env is actually showing all cards with correct clocks (you stock or OC?), shutdown, connect your monitor directly to first GPU HDMI port, reboot and let me know if you’re still @ 0 MHZ.

What does it mean by EWBF Configuration…sorry I m not much technically sounded… Though My device manager is showing all 5 cards

As in EWBF miner. Which miner are you running and what’s your configuration/batch file?

He’s running AMD cards. He wouldn’t be using EWBF.

Hence me asking ‘Which miner are you running and what’s your configuration/batch file’ :wink:

Okay… Now I managed to Run all cards successfully