Coinbase Advance Only supports Limit Orders


I was looking through the order pairs on coinbase advanced and notice they only support limit orders for btc or usd to ZEC. Just thought someone would like to know as it seems like a regression from the original implementation on cb advance, but could be wrong.

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Here’s the background on why Coinbase currently only supports limit orders for ZEC:

Here’s a summary of what @Beth and I are doing to address it:

Over the past few days, ViaBTC’s share has remained consistently under 51%, based on the data they provide for the last 1,000 blocks. Hopefully this trend continues. Coinbase has not specified an exact duration for ViaBTC to maintain a hashrate below 51% before resuming market orders; they have only indicated it needs to be sustained for “a period of time.”

Here’s the link to monitor the hashrate distribution: Zcash (ZEC) Equihash | Mining Pools


Ah makes sense. I thought this had been resolved. Apologies.

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