Creat new zcash wallet

I need to open zcash wallet receiving payout from genesis mining
i have all ready zcash wallet with other and that zcash address are there then also showing zcash wallet add is empty
so i need to open zcash wallet which receive zcash payout from genesis mining company

Plz help and guide me



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In Gm side there showing
Zcash (TADDR)
u know what is this
plz reply

Taddress start with a t so will give ya one copy the jaxx into gm

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this my address

best use Cryptopia Limited | Grant Thornton New Zealand

so you deposit from Gm into cryptopia

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c-cex has zcash now?

classic only topia has both

ok thats what I thought :slight_smile:

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How to exchange ZEC with BTC?

your not ready!

to convert use google :wink: