Cryptonator login problem

Hi guys,

I replaced my smartphone more than a month ago, it had google authenticator set up for my cryptonator wallet. Since then I can’t do any transactions from it, because it’s asking for google authenticator passcode which i don’t have on new phone. Cryptonator support is not answering for more than a month. Anyone experienced such problems?


then install it on your new phone, if I am not mistaken it’s connected to your google account?!

Also unless you were just madd and formatted your old phone its still there, connect to wifi and use it.

It’s installed on new phone but all accounts on the authenticator are gone. Old phone was wiped clean - reset to factory settings ;(

Hope this helps

google is your friend

and another support page using google

Thanks, but I did google that before. Those both articles assume you still possess old device and they describe how to move from phone to phone. In my case - old device is wiped clean…

Where is your backup key? When you signed in and originally created the 2FA, you were giving a backup key and was told to write it down?

All you have to do is enter that into your new device and it will give you access to your 2FA, so you can login and disable reenable to get a new key in case this happens again

no idea as to where my back up key is. I checked everywhere… The main problem is that those guys are not answering any emails, support tickets or tweets… In help section they say I just need to contact support, but it’s been weeks.

Every wallet has a setting to turn on or off 2FA and there you should be able to find more answers.

Dude, you need to save your backup keys for 2FA - FOREVER. Make multiple copies, and store one in a safe, one in a safe box off site and a third in your files. Keep all of the copies in a fireproof pouch. Remember: Two is one and one is none…

I have a new phone coming and I specifically am not wiping my old one before I get everything installed and working on the new one before I move my number.

Cryptonator is a great service, but their support sucks. I use it too, but don’t count on a ticket getting answered.

When I send from Cryptonator (I’m in the US), it sends an SMS code to me, not 2FA. I have to enter the SMS code before they release the send. Dunno if that helps you.

Login to your account from their website and make your changes there if you can. If you can’t get 2FA working, your cryptos will sit there until you do. I hope you get it sorted!

same problem … waiting since end of december … no reply no transactions !