Cuda cores not doing anything

Using nheqminer on Windows 10, Dual Xeon 5620 with Quadro 4000

nheqminer_x64_SSE2.exe -l usa -u (my btc address) -t 24

All cores are working, but Cuda …

This miner is only for CPU

As itamarcps states this miner is for CPU only.
There is not current multi miner that uses cpu & gpu at the same time, and i don’t think there will ever be to be honest.

If people have a GPU mining rig they will normally have a cheap useless cpu to make the setup low wattage and cheaper to build.

Oh, I though they had released their GPU miner …

Still getting 12.69h for this setup

[NiceHash] Zcash CPU/GPU miner for Linux and Windows from their post …

Well be a miner that can run one or the other, not both

We will soon have a very superb miner, don’t worry. Reaching 100 H/s or more will be no problem.

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Yeah, just saw that on your SS a few mins ago !

Will this be publicly available?

Yes. Keep checking When it is ready, we will announce everywhere.