Does pool choice matter?

Hey everyone,
I’m pretty new to mining. I’ve been mining to Nanopool with my 1080Ti when I’m not using it but as the prices are going up I’m considering getting a bit more serious about it and maybe building a rig. One question I have is whether pool choice matters and how all that works. How big of a farm would you need to realistically be able to discover blocks yourself?

Any insight would be appreciated!

It doesn’t matter if the hashrate is spread out. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are a few larger pools and a few smaller ones which make the bulk of the hashrate on the network.

The network hashrate is about 340 Million Sol/s. In order for you to find a block consistently you would need at last 300 Thousand Sol/s. That’s ignoring luck all together.

For the sake of showing the math, a GTX 1080 Ti average 750 Sol/s. 300,000 Sol/s divided by 750 Sol/s and you get 400. You would need 400 1080 Ti’s to get 300KSol/s. A 1080 Ti is roughly $800-$1000 so you would need close to $400,000 to get that.