What Is a Good GPU To Get At LEAST 100 KH/s?

New miner here. I’m not looking to spend a boatload on a GPU rig. I want to keep costs low, but I also want this endeavor to be profitable. I’m currently CPU/GPU mining with what I have on my personal computer. I have an AMD A10-7850K Radeon R7. When I first started mining about an hour ago, my hashrate was ass. It’s definitely going up steadily, but according to the calculator I’m looking at on cryptocompare.com…I’m going to need at least 198 h/s or so to even break even. I’m currently at 62.3 h/s and rising, but I’m losing money.

I’m going to let it run for a couple days to see if it keeps rising by itself. I have 4 measly shares lol. I’m currently using a mining pool I saw on Youtube called FlyPool which has a hashrate of 207.3 MH/s.

To get to the point. I’m looking for a GPU that could get a solid 100+ KH/s. I don’t need the best rig of all time, or the most expensive. I just want something that’s better than the bare minimum, but I don’t know where to start.

Help a noob out!

Zcash mining is measured in Sol/s. A 1080 Ti can get about 750 Sol/s so you’re going to need 130 1080 Tis to get 100 KSol/s

Keeping costs low, and wanting 100 KSol/s don’t come together. You choose either one

sound like a kind of troll to me. how can you come in with such a question before informing yourself. maybe, if you are too lazy to go through threads or blog posts or whatever, start with: “I have no clue and I’am lazy so do the job for me, because I just want money.” would be at least honest.

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I’m not trolling. It was a serious question. I’ll look through the forums, but is it not easier to simply ask yourself? There are literally dozens of different types of GPU’s. I just wanted to get to the point.

Thanks for the response AverageHumanoid. Obviously that’s not feasible lol. I’m going to do more research

dude you came in and you was talking about hashrate and 100+ k hashrate with one GPU, just sayin’…

Feasible or not buying 1080 ti would be the best solution to spend less to get to 100 KSol/s.

To give you an idea, with 130 1080ti’s you would need “only”:
10x motherboards
30x-50x PSU (depending on W per PSU)
130x risers
10x CPU’s
10x 4-8 GB ram
10x operating system cost (simplemining is 2$ a months per rig, ethos is 30$ one time per rig, windows is 25$ OEM licence)

If you wish for 100Ksol/s with 1070 you would need 230 cards, so you would need:

18x Motherboards,
20x-40x PSU (at least 18 for the MBs)
230x risers
18x CPU
18x 4/8GB ram
18x operating system license

With 1050 ti you would need 590 cards:
45x motherboards
At least 45 PSU to power the MBs
590x risers
45x CPU
45x 4/GB ram
45x operating system license

Without even considering that the 1080 ti’s would have better efficiency, occupy less space, less heat, better sol/Watt and simply will last longer (I would bet easly 1 year more than the 1070 and 2 years than the 1050 ti’s).

If you wish to get to 100 Ksol/s only “to have a big number on your screen” than I could organize in 9-12 months 14k computers for the cost of 20000 euro. Average of 7 sol/s per system. Power consumption should be from 300 kW/hour to 700 kW/hour, so only way to not lose milions would be having eletricity cost under 2 cents per kW/hour.