Dwarf Pool - Zcash - Mining in ethOS


I am using ethOS so I use a local.conf file to keep my wallet/proxy address…

I am using a 3-4 GPU mining rig.

globalminer dragonrig claymore-zcash
proxywallet zcashwalletaddress/emailadress@email.com
proxypool1 zec-us1.dwarfpool.com:3336
proxypool2 zec-eu1.dwarfpool.com:3336
flags --cl-global-work 8192 --farm-recheck 400

I want to verify this is the correct way to use the config file for ethOS

just use simpleminingOS, much better OS

also has a cooler name… whats ethOS going to rename itself after POS? posOS? LOL… then it will be a POS in more than one way LOL


Where does “dragonrig” come from in your globalminer setting. It should just be claymore-zcash unless that’s a setting I’ve never heard of. If you want to name your rig use the loc setting the sample config file is pretty well documented http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt

I’m not sure those flags do anything for claymore-zcash see Claymore's ZCash/BTG AMD GPU Miner v12.6 (Windows/Linux) for available config options.

Browsing the docs for Dwarfpool DwarfPool looks like the proxywallet should be your wallet address and the email for monitoring goes as the password so you should set poolpass as the email.

Also their support is excellent so if all else fails just connect via IRC with the config file and someone will confirm.

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their IRC support sucks

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That’s your opinion. I am aware of some of the other discussions but from my experience their support is exemplary.

This is a question about config files in ethOS so let’s stick to the topic.

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not opinion … EXPERIENCE! there is a difference

you said it is excellent and I confirm it was not excellent, it sucked, and I can repost the screen shots

EthOS developer was banned from this forum… TWICE! that was for a good reason!

I heard that you were banned because of some issue over “chinese mining farms”.

from ethOS IRC? I simple asked them if they had a chinese language version and if not, if they wanted a translation done for the chinese market.

ethOS/GPUhack are nothing but liars

I will show you

once I mentioned china, they went off their rocker, saying all chinese are pirates… go on to insult chinese people in general…

get a screen shot from them showing you otherwise… i have screen shots of every interaction from them from that day.

did i ever mention a mining farm? and why would i get banned if I did anyways???

Fair point and I stand corrected, your experience of ethOS support is not consistent with mine but your opinion of the developers is just that, an opinion.

Anyway, @maloney2005 how are you getting on :wink:

sure, they wont act that way unless you mention china I suppose…
and im sure they wont do it again… they probably learned their lesson to respect people, no matter where they are from.

otherwise lying to people and saying I was banned from their IRC for reasons I never did… thats also very low

anyways ASRock said their OS is for “dummies”… LOL… thats what they told me in email… so i guess that makes … LOL i wont even finish that sentence ,… you know what I’m saying :smiley:

and even then… people have trouble getting it to work… not very good OS for dummies… ROFL

all i can say is… simpleminingOS is simple… even the dumbest dummy can get that to work without a problem

The dragonrig, was me using it as a worker, but I was using it incorrectly and I have removed it and I am officially mining Zcash with Dwarf Pool.

I did not use my email for notifications yet, might set it up.

I didn’t realize I could use the string ‘poolpass’ so thank you!!! And getting my IRC shortly!

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Zcash Mining with Dwarf has begun!

3 GPUS - 290x - Hashing around 320-340 each…

Now just need to research the cards for zcash and make sure they are on the higher end of the hashing spectrum as I have not yet overclocked, infact I underclocked the memory to reduce heat.

Good to hear you are up and running and you might want to check that poolpass as it probably should be poolpass1 (i.e. matching proxypool1) but it is only documented in their multi mining setup so if any issues you should probably just confirm with them.

As above for worker name use the loc setting i.e. loc xxxxxx dragonrig replacing xxxxx with your ethOS name.

Sure will, thank you so much, ill definitely be on the IRC help soon, got some other minor questions hoping they can handle but that’s ethos related and not for zcash specific.

Thank you for helpin!!