ethOS config for suprnova solved

trying to get connected to suprnova any ideas what I am doing wrong? single rig mode

globalminer zcash-miner
maxgputemp 85
stratumproxy enabled
proxywallet my zec account six digit rig name <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<should be poolside name only no .six digit rig name
flags --cl-global-work 16384 --farm-recheck 200
globalcore 1150
globalmem 1500
globalfan 70
globalminer zcash-miner
poolpass1 x

Here is the full guide:

In the meanwhile you can also mine with your wallet address, but many thanks for the guide!

if i mine to my adress it doesnt show up in my dashboard, how do i keep track?

Use yourwalletaddress.rig1 as username and then click on the anondashboard link replacing the address in the example with yourwalletaddress

Make sure you have a rigname set

tnx alot i didn't get that i was anonymous at first.