Error Code 43, 1 out of 6 GPUs

Just built my first mining rig. Here is the setup

  • Motherboard: ASRock H81 Pro BTC R2.0
  • 6xGPUs: Sapphire Radeon Rx 470 4 GB
  • CPU: Intel Celeron G1840 Processor
  • PSU: Antec 1300W

After putting everything together I got all 6 GPUs to show up in my device manager, but two of them had an error 43. I looked into this a lot and found this 6_GPU_Mod I tried everything on here and got 5 out of my 6 GPUs up and running, but there is still 1 with the error 43. So I am coming to the forms for help. I have been downloading different Catalyst AMD drivers seeing if any of them could get the last card to work and while installing them I go into the custom installation and every single one of them has the same version for the display driver that it’s installing. So am I just downloading different versions of the management software? Does anyone have something else I can try or any ideas on how to get my 6th card to start mining?

Russell McDonnell

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Can you give some pictures about the issue for better interaction?
However, it’s better to try to replace another riser.

@noobvie Thanks for the suggestion, here are some picturesCloseUpErrorCode


Sorry I can only do one picture per post because I am a new user…


Try to right click and update the driver?

Try to click on Uninstall then click on update the driver again?

@noobvie When I click update driver it says it’s already has the most up to date driver.I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times, but I can only ever get 5 to work.

Temporary remove one riser from working GPU then replace to this non-working GPU . Just to know if it’s from riser issue or GPU has problem itself.
Otherwise, I have no ideas, I normally use Windows 10N Pro, it looks more stable.

I think somebody else had similar issue - some of the older posts. May be look if they found the issue.

Remove a riser as suggested.
If possible plug it on the MB directly for the 6th card for a quick test.
Also…what is your MB?

@juhub I have been looking and trying anything I can find. If you have any examples or links they would be greatly appreciated! I am really just looking for new things to try. It’s not a riser issue, I could unplug any 1 of the 6 gpus and the 5 remaining gpus will work. But I can’t seem to get them all to run at the same time.

don`t know if it may help but try few other things:

  1. going into BIOS and disabling all devices you dont need - audio, usb 3.0, integrated cpu video, any other integrated devices on the MB. This usually frees some PCI Lanes. each GPU needs at least 1 lane to communicate properly. If not available, it won’t be usable GPU in Windows or any OS. Worth a try.
  2. check in BIOS if you can lower the PCIE2: x16 mode on the main-slot to …x8 or lower…but I assume probably its hardcoded to 16x lanes on this MB and cant be lowered.

for your MB I found following options from the manual.

you probably have disabled theonboard because I dont see in your snapshot. but just in case.
IGPU Multi-Monitor - set to disable
Select disable to disable the integrated graphics when an external graphics card is
installed. Select enable to keep the integrated graphics enabled at all times

Onboard HDMI HD Audio - set to disable
Enable audio for the onboard digital outputs.

Onboard HD Audio - set to disable
Enable/disable onboard HD audio. Set to Auto to enable onboard HD audio and
automatically disable it when a sound card is installed.

all below set to disable
Serial Port 1
Enable or disable the Serial port 1.
Serial Port 1 Address
Select the address of the Serial port 1.
Enable or disable the Serial port 2 and Infrared port.
Serial Port 2
Enable or disable the Serial port 2.
Serial Port 2 Address
Select the address of the Serial port 2.
Parallel Port
Enable or disable the Parallel port.

Intel USB 3.0 Mode - set to disable
Enable or disable all the USB 3.0 ports. It is recommended to select [Smart Auto].

Russell, were you able to solve this problem? I have the same problem where 5 cards work correctly and the 6th always gets code 43

@jameyt I have a couple of Rigs set up and most were plug and play with 6 cards but there is 1 that I just couldn’t figure out how to get all 6 cards to work. Here are some things that helped while setting it up.

  1. Using the 6 GPU Mod linked above
  2. Plug 1 card in get it up and running and do a full restart and plug in a new card.
  3. Trial and error. I have messed with so many settings changing the Bios installing different drivers I don’t know if it helped or hurt. Like I said most rigs were plug and play.

just shoot but worth to try … x test the USB3 Riser cables one time on one rig i had a problem that sometimes my gpu get recognized sometimes didnt and sometimes it just showed up with error in DM after 3 days of testing, reinstalling, drivers, OS, try all the possible setups in bios flashing bios ,preying to crypto gods atc. i went despaired X testing every component and part that come to play finding out the bloody USB 3 cable has been causing all the trouble

check cables or ports… mostly on riser,
on that case only lucky GPU is getting caution mark try to update drivers
or you can check on this website for other workaround troubleshooting