Evga gtx1080, i7-6700k Mining @80 Sols

Hi Guys,

I just bought my gaming/ mining pc.
At this moment there is no good software to mine Zcash with an NVIDIA, right?
Is it wise to sell my GTX1080 and buy 3x RX480 to mine Zcash or just wait for good software like Claymore for NVIDIA, Zcash to come out?

At this moment I mine with NicheHash miner V and make € 1,7 a day.
What is the best for me to mine and witch software I must use?

Corair 32 GB 3200MHZ

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You can use the silentarmy version with Phyton. I think it will give a better score.

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Try the zcash-spmod1b.7z for the nvidia card. Its a CUDA port of silentarmy.


Edit: Just for FYI, I’m using the linux version and get ~ 60 sol/s for my gtx 950 so your 1080 should get quite abit more.

it will still be better to sell and buy 3 480s if you want to mine… and besides 480 in crossfire is as good as a 1080 for gaming, so it should be a no-brainer to sell it and get 3 480s

the 1080 will really never perform that well, at least no where close to as well as 2 480s, even 1 480 now is better for mining ZCash or ETH

Thanks for you’re response!

No Nvidia for me anymore I think!
How much hashpower do you think I can get with 3x 480?
Any advise witch brand/model?

should be able to get 180 h/s on each, approx 540 h/s on 3 of them :slight_smile:
with a 1080 your looking at an insulting 100-120 h/s? not even sure as I stopped mining with my 980tis last week.
i like sapphire nitros and xfx cause they have the dual bios switch so you can easily flash one of the bios and have the other on stock OC settings.
I dont like powercolor due to bad quality mosfests, asus is usually overpriced (but also a top choice if not priced more) and msi dont have dual bios, but also a good choice due to good fans

Woow 540 h/s nice:heart_eyes:
I hope my asus Z170 Pro gaming can handle 3x480…

With my 1080 I get 80- 95 h/s on WIndows with Silentarmy. But with the algorithm Lyra2REv2, 50MH/s that’s better than a RX480…
I think I would go for 3x XFX RX 480 RS 8GB GDDR5 TRUE OC and hope i can sell my 1080 for € 650.

Do you also mine with Rx480’s?

you should be ok with 3 GPUs on a Z170 board, trouble seems to come with 5 or 6 GPU’s.
GTX might be better for some coins like LBRY, but is there any real profit/point in mining it?

I see people buying 450$ 1070s and mining ZCash with them now… and i just laugh at what a bad idea that was… but maybe they want to use them for LBRY or something else… which well LBRY price has been bombing anyway… so thats why i wonder if its even profitable today, im not sure, i dont bother to check with ZCash and ETH mining available

XFX are good, i have 4 480 8G XFX cards

Im running an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming on 4xRX480s …

LBRY is not very profitable, but the best thing I can do with my GTX1080, I make $ 2.2 a day…
Thanks for the advice

How do you do that?
The Asus Z170 has only 3x pci express

PCI-E 1x USB powered risers


I want to put them all in the NZXT case.
Must I connect them with XConnect?

Just put the 3 GPUs straight in the 16x PCI-E slots and connect the PCI-E Power adaptors and run :slight_smile:

I will buy the 3x XFX RX 480 RS 8GB GDDR5 TRUE OC (RX-480P8LFB6)

Hope that I can still can play Battlefield 1 in 4k

Get the XFX RX480 GTR XXX not the RS

Ok final question:

XFX Radeon RX 480 GTR true OC Triple X Edition (RX-480P8DFA6) € 299 , OR
XFX RX 480 GTR 8GB GDDR5 TRUE OC (RX-480P8DBA6) € 314

Im using the RX-480P8DFA6 (1288/2000) 58c max temp @ 51% fan speed

The RX-480P8DBA6 € 314 is just clocked higher 1338Mhz

yeah troll is right, i missed that, do not get hte RS, get the GTR versions, either will do I have both the 1288 and the 1338 (2 of each)… you might get lucky and get a higher ASIC on the 1338, but honestly not sure if thats how they pick the 1338 cards or not, I think my 1338 's have slightly higher asics than the 1288

whats the asics on your cards?


The XFX GTR XXX are the best / coolest/ lowest consumption RX480 out there (+ fan swapping takes 5 seconds)

Random screenshot running for 71 hours H/s varies from 16X-17X h/s per card