EWBF is sending my TX rate high and locking up my network

I have 3 rigs that have been running ewbf for over a month without an issue. Ubuntu 16.04, with NVIDIA cards. My rigs are in another room away from my VDSL router, so I use a WI-FI router in bridge mode to avoid having to run cables through the house. But…

Yesterday I added a new rig (ASRock H111 BTC pro with 4x1070s and 4x1080s) but everything stops working when I start mining with it. The Wi-Fi router locks up so the other 3 rigs can’t mine and get ‘lost connection’ errors. So I played around with the new rig for a while, I tried mining with just 6 cards and it was stable. For a while… Then I got lock up again, so I turned it off, leaving the 3 old rigs to mine away while I slept.

Now when I look at the traffic graph I see this,

A massive spike in TX traffic for the time the new rig was on. It’s not a new download which might have a virus or trojan in it, I copied the EWBF miner from one of the other rigs, Why would I get such a big spike in TX traffic for that one rig?

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I had the same issue and behavior when my rig got hacked via ssh bruteforce and was ddosing something. Check your list of processes during the spike. If there strange processes like “r9gjsgiiahxx” your rig was compromised.

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