EWBF Miner 0 Sol/sec 1080TI Strix

I am getting 0 Sol/s on my 1080TI asus strix… I reinstalled the drivers 4-5 times now

used different pool, nothing. the card is on stock settings. I tried all version of the miner, and nothing… what am I doing wrong?

please let me know

Edit: I’m getting: Thread exited code 77 miner, whenever I start the miner.

The card is not overclocked, it’s on stock settings.

Did anyone ever run into this?

if you are using Windows, do you have the ltest versions of redistributable Microsoft visual c++ installed?
i remember i run into some kind of problem when i first used ewbf and it was that MVC++ wasn’t installed correctly, if you are using Linux check your drivers

Hi thanks for answering. Is this what you are talking about?

yeah, but i tried multiple version before the error was fixed and i just can’t remember if the error was equal to yours, but maybe it is worth to give it a try.