EWBF Miner crash

Maybe it's just an average card idk? I just rewired the whole build to make sure that every sata riser has its own individual sata cable and that each card is powered by the same psu powering the riser. No difference. That card still runs at 670-690 sols and I have to run it at 85% power. The other EVGA card must be run at a max of 90% and gets ~700 sols, and the good EVGA card runs at ~740-750 sols at 100% power. The Zotac cards aren't bad... I have them at 85% (although they can run at 100% no drama) and they get 750-760 sols (they get ~780 sols at 100% power but that's an extra 50W per card). I'm pretty happy with the 1070's, getting ~480 sols per card.


Been monitoring voltages for each EVGA card. For all 3 EVGA cards set to 85% power with the same overclock. They are all drawing around 210W at this power setting.

Card 1: 0.900V - 720 sols
Card 2: 0.875V - 690 sols
Card 3: 0.825V - 650 sols

Card 3 is the problem card. After starting the miner program it will start out at around 0.875V then slowly decrease to ~0.825V then the miner will crash :confused:

My power supplies have multi 12V rail and single 12V rail, not sure if 1 is better than the other. Tried both and neither seems to make any difference.

If you have more than 1 GPU riser running off a SATA cable you are asking for trouble. Each riser can draw up to 5.5 amps per the PCIe 3 specification. Your SATA cable and connector is rated at 4.5 amps max. You NEVER run more than 1 riser / SATA cable. I would argue don't use SATA cables at all, and do so in another post.

If you have more than one riser on a SATA cable you ARE dropping voltage to your risers over the SATA cable since it cant handle that much current. A rig will behave erratically when the 12 volt rail is not regulated well. Your not being able to run at 100% would be the symptom of a SATA getting hot and dropping voltage due to overloading.

Putting all that aside you are playing with FIRE, literally. Running more than one riser / SATA cable can cause a fire!!!!

When run at the same settings, all my GPU's perform about the same on all my rigs with a slight exception for GPU0 (one with video on it). I can run all my cards at 150% if I want with no issues. Once you start over clocking cards things will move around and some will be better than others.

So if you fixed the SATA cable issue the dropping voltage still points to a power issue. Are you using the SATA to molex adapters? If so check those, they can get warm and drop voltage. I have seen them get very hot with a single riser. Go straight 4 pin molex to GPU3 and see if the problem goes away.

If that does not solve your problem then get a better PSU. You definitely have a power issue.

I have 3 Corsair HX1000's and each is only at about 60-70% load. I tried running the card on 2 of the different PSU's with no change. These are Sata risers so I can't directly plug in a molex cable without using an adaptor, but I'll see if I have any sata to molex adaptors lying around and I'll give that a go to see if it helps. Would you suggest buying some molex risers to see if that solves the problem? Why do you think 1 of the GTX 1080Ti's has no problem? I also notice when observing the voltage to the problem card that it fluctuates a fair bit (up and down ~0.02V fairly regularly) while the card with solid performance stays very constant. I have tried running this card on another sata riser and it didn't seem to make any difference, but I have another 2 spare sata risers I could also try.

Well I tried running that card via Molex using an adaptor and that didn't make any difference either. I'm going to try running the card in my desktop computer to see if perhaps it's a problem with the card itself.

Well, it appears as though the fault is with the card itself. I can't get it to run at over 80% power in my desktop computer directly into the motherboard (with a 1000W PSU powering just that card and a GTX 980).

Are the other cards in you rig working normally now? I have seen bad GPU's before but never seen a bad GPU mess with the performance of other GPU's in a rig.

However, I don't mix GPU's on my rigs anymore. Always same brand and model for each rig. I noticed I always had more issues with rigs that had mixed GPU's.

Every card is working normally except for 2 of the EVGA cards. To give you the full context I am running 5x GTX 1080Ti's and 2x GTX 1070's. 3 of the 1080Ti's are EVGA SC and 2x are Zotac Amp extreme. The zotac cards and the 1070's are running perfectly and I can ramp them up to 120% power if I want with no problems at all. 1 of the EVGA cards runs really well also, but of the remaining 2 I need to run 1 of them at 90% and the other at 80%. This is independent of the computer these cards are in (I tried them in my desktop) and what else is plugged into the system.

I'll just add that these GPU's are not messing with the performance of other cards (other than causing the program to crash).

Did you change all your PCIe BIOS setting on the computer to GEN2?

Yes, I setup the board as per: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR-FkpU2KfI

Well, I appear to have lucked out with my final EVGA 1080Ti (just arrived). Getting 760 sols for 250W out of it, no problem so far at 100%. Still can't run the other 2 cards above 80% and 90% and even at those power limits they get pretty awful performance (if I put my good cards to that limit they get far more sols). I think I might send them to EVGA to get fixed/replaced/whatever, my only concern is I haven't tested them for anything other than zcash mining, so maybe they will work for whatever they test them for (but I have confirmed using multiple computers that they will not run EWBF at more than 80% and 90% power respectfully while the other cards have no problem, so there must be something wrong with them).

I agree, got to be the card. Not sure about the warranty. If you run a gaming benchmark on the card and get the same problem, then you can RMA on that. Try to avoid telling them your a miner (if you can)...... the VAR's are not real fond of RMA's from miners.

Yeah, won't mention it of course haha. Even still though, the cards have only been running for a couple of weeks.

Well, I have some molex v9 risers now, I replaced all the riser for the EVGA cards with the molex risers with 1 molex cable per riser. I only have 2 more molex cables left (including the molex cable that is powering the m.2 pcie, but I wouldn’t expect that to use much power?). Would I actually be better off running 1 molex cable for 2 risers than using the sata risers with 1 cable per?

Is it possible to do this on windows…?

Hello, guys! I think this can be interesting for you [CMD] Zcash Miner Autorun (Autorestart / Watchdog) for EWBF miner


hey mate, have you ever tried to change/set different solvers in EWBF manually? You will find out, the same card gives different rate with different solver. good luck

Hello, did you manage to solve your problem? Im having the same issue. I have 6 EVGA 1080ti Black SC and I cant run them at 100% The most i managed to get was about 670 on some cards, averaging 668 on all of them. Do you think the issue has to do with the brand? Well, i never tryed to OC each separately, I dont know how to do that. I think when i overclock i change all of them at the same time?

Well I had issues with EWBF crashing and this seems to be corrected for now, fingers crossed. I am running 5 gtx 1080’s and the hash rate was fluctuating a lot and eventually it would crash after minutes or even 8 hours. I took the advice to hook up the PCIE risers to separate SATA connections from the PSU instead of daisy chaining, also each card is power by the same PSU that is powering the PCIE riser and I put 2 of the cards directly on my mother board. So I have 2 on the mother board and 3 on risers. Its been up and consistent for about 15 hours now. I also brought the power down to 90% on all cards and no overclocking yet. I actually have one card that runs hotter than the others and I turned the power down on that one to 70%, increased fan speed and I still get over 500 sols. without overclocking the cards are averaging about 510 sols. After a couple of days I will try to increase the overclocking.

Hi Eulers, Can you help me? im building an 4 evga 1080 ti sc2 and 2 evga 1060 6gb, but ive been reading that afterburner does not seem to be able to control the sc2 fans and that precision X does not open with more than 4 cards, I previously though about using precision X to OC the 4 1080 ti sc2 and afterburner for the 2 1060, but I think it wont be possible, I read that u used sc2 and mixed them with some other cards, did you manage to get them running?