Freewallet - plz dont tell me that this is a scam

i sent 1 ZEC to my xapo btc wallet and its stuck on “Exchanging…” for like 2 hours.
what should i do?
thx for your help.
btw, if u can tell me good wallets that i can use to mine to… thx

Why would you send ZEC to a Bitcoin wallet? And it can take 2 to 4 hours for an exchange to complete

Why would you not try either the free ubunta or windows zec wallet? From there you can send it to an exchange to convert to btc or what ever.

I use FreeWallet for ZEC all the time. Send a support email and they will get it fixed. They have always been good about resolving issues.

As far as I know, Xapo is a Bitcoin-only wallet.

I personally mine to Jaxx for ETH, ETC, and ZEC. Download the app on your phone and its very user-friendly and one of the most trusted multiwallets out there!

IMO, Freewallet is a good wallet. Yet, you really have to be more attentive when performing transactions.

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