Help! ewbf doesnt load 5th and 6th cards, then freezes windows

I’ve got a mining rig with 6x asus rog strix gtx 1080 ti, device manager sees all of them, and they seem working properly, gpu-z doesn’t show any problems, but when i start ewbf’s cuda miner 0.3.4 it initializes cuda device 0 1 2 3 4 5, then solver for 0 1 2 3, but not for 4 and 5, and after that, I cant even close the miner, it goes on with 4 cards, and doesn’t respond for anything… I can’t close it even from the task manager. When I try to shut it down, there is a message showing up “acces denied”, and nothing happenes. The user running the process is admin, but i’m admin so i don’t understand why I have no acces. And after a few minutes, it freezes Windows. Any Ideas?

Try dstm miner. I use it about 3 months, it’s better than ewbf