Future of gpu mining + roi

so, asrock is coming with a 13 gpu + 1 extra gpu possibility through m2, which gives a sweet 14 gpu motherboard. details see over here, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1939165.0

both amd and nvidia are rumoured to come with mining gpus (limited warranty of 90 days, no output).

i guess gpu mining will get more mature.

i am still even mining with a couple of 280x, 7970s and a 390x in my rig. lots-o-watts, but with the current prices, it's still worth it, so i prefer to wait a little more and continue mining with these before changing for other hardware until the next batch of 14 gpu mb's & mining gpus or vega s will be available.

i'm wondering, how are you guys going to prepare for this, roi wise speaking, with current mining rigs. do you set goals for yourself, when to change to more new and optimized hardware?


ROI with my current stuff and sit back while we race to the bottom of profitability.

so, you will keep mining with your current hardware as long as it is profitable?

i have been mining for not too long, since october last year i believe. at that moment i thought already that i missed the boat, apparantly not yet. although i do admit that if amd and nvidia already are going to create special hardware for mining... the mining market is getting more mature.

Found a clip from computex - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpksFaxkbPk

When they have an actual live rig running with all ports occupied with zero issues I’ll be more confident in their product.
For the time being, I’m bearish.