Gigabyte rx580 all miners crash on startup

I bought 2 of the new gigabyte rx580 for testing. All gpu miners crash on startup at the kernal loading or compiling stage.

Vendor Id: 1002
Device Id: 67DF
Subvendor Id: 1458
Subsystem Id: 22FC
PCI Revision: E7
Memory: 8192 MB
GPU Clock: 1340

mine strangely only does this when i mix it with my 295x2’s

if i mix it with a single 480 or by itself, it works fine

if I mix it with 5 480’s it wont even load up in windows devices… windows keeps 2 of 6 GPUs disabled/“hardware problems” or something

i think the drivers are messed up… would like to hear from others who have tried these cards

I think its the miners need optimizing theres something slightly different about these cards. They also wont let you install the rx480 driver for the 580 it should work since its the same chip.

right, need to install newer drivers which need patching when modding the cards
its really irritating
but it must be both drivers and miners,… because on one rig its windows that wont recognize all the cards properly with the new drivers when mixing cards… but on the other rig it recognizes them fine with the 295x2,… its just the miner crashes on first hash

That could just be your windows and pcie lane limitation I had the same issue with windows before some boards act weird

Im gonna edit the inf files and add rx 580 to 16.12.2 so it will install ill let you know results in a bit

Editing drivers didnt work however I found I can run ethminer but only with crossfire enabled and no other miner runs

it is an asrock b85 anniversary… it is not a limitation of the board… the board runs fine with 6 480s… why not fine with 5 480s and 1 570 OR 580?

and the other board is seeing all the GPUs but the miner crashes on first hash

just to ask the question (or two)

does it crash using nicehashminer ? all in one nicehash miner
guessing you were using claymore 12.4, did you try it with -i 1 ? Did you try with version 12.1 (some claim that version is more stable of the 12.x’s)

I tried claymore zcash and eth… same problem with both so I just quit and built a separate rig for them :slight_smile:

Im keeping those 500 series cards quarantined from the rest of my rigs

everyone is having problems with those cards and 6 GPU rigs… the drivers are F-ed