GPU mining rigs European supplier London based Vega RX580 NVIDIA 1070 1080Ti single mining rig to farm setup


Ref ~ bare rig (with no GPUs) ~ I suspect that this is a dubious idea. No doubt, some of the other components depend upon the choice of Video Cards. Also, how can it be Tested - and if it fails later, then who determines where the fault lies (or when it occurred)? There are other some other Vendors that sell mining-rig frames, with a few risers etc.

One advantage to getting a whole package, is to know that it all works Ok (with support)! Otherwise, there are plenty of other "experts" out there with assembly guides & recommendations (& videos), usually in exchange for affiliate referral fees.


Sorry, I meant which mining software. In terms of the bare bones rig was that I was hoping to get the bulk of the building done for me and then all I'd need to do would be add gpu's as I can afford them. Having built and bought a number of pc's for various uses over the years I was looking for a solution in which I didn't have to source and build everything myself and in addition I've been looking for pre built mining cases which seem to be hard to find and lead me here!



Its understandable, is just not my type of cookie.

I use Claymore


Hi Paolo

How long roughly does it take for you to deliver a rig since I order one ?
Do I need to pay a deposit ?



Yo bro do u ship rigs to Australia?


Hi PaoloS,

Fascinating to read your detailed informative posts. I've considered building a rig myself; total mining noob, but some familiarity with PC assembly. But having seen your posts and service you offer, I'm interested in getting a rig off you, possibly the rx580

I like your delivery / install proposition; do you deliver to Milton Keynes? What's the best way to reach you for a voice conversation?




Hi PaoloS,

I have try to reach you on both of your phone numbers with no success today. I am interested to buy one of your ethereum rigs. I live and work in London, not far from your above posted address. I have also sent a message with my contact information.

Alex Dontu


To @dreamer @Sam8 @Anubis @Alex.dontu and everyone else reading this thread

Countries (outside the UK) I sell/ship to: Europe only
UK shipping: £90 per rig
EU shipping: £120 per rig

Areas (in mainland England) I personally deliver and setup:
London: £90 first rig, £35 for each rig thereafter
Outside M25: from £120 to £250 for the first rig depending on location, £35 for each rig thereafter.
Please refrain from enquiring about precise/specific delivery & installation costs as I will give it only at the time of purchase and it depends on many factors (distance, specific date/time, other installations in neighbour areas etc)

As of the beginning of June there have been an exceptional shortage of hardware components in the whole of Europe and the world. Circumstance I do not have control over; therefore I cannot give any estimates (in price) nor an approximate time for delivery for the next batch.
The situation could get disentangled within days or could last for weeks to come.

I am currently in Hong Kong to source motherboards in order to provide some builds while waiting for the market to go back to normal in UK.

There is a waiting list. Entering the waiting couldn't be easier; it does not require a deposit and there is no obligations what-so-ever. A deposit will be required for orders of more than one rig but is due only when I'll have components on hand and a delivery date for your order.

When the next batch is built, tested & ready to ship/deliver, I will contact those on the waiting list (in order as they are entered), Sales are on first come first served basis (from that list). If a deposit is paid the rig will be hold for 72 hours then I will sell it to the next in line if full payment is not received and a refund issued.
If you are uncertain about making a purchase, then please don't.
I will delete from the list those who clearly have changed their mind.
Waiting list / waiting time cannot be disclosed, not precisely, not approximately.

To enter the waiting list, please email your name, (company if any) billing (VAT if any) & shipping address. That's all.
My email is

I receive dozen of messages every day, don't take it personal but if I do not reply, is probably because I do not have an answer to your question/s or the answer is already here.

Rigs availability will be posted in here in the following days/weeks. So please keep coming back for the latest updates.

All in all, please be patient as I am doing my best to try and resolve this components shortage.

Oh! And if you need a rig "now".. well, then you probably need to read this post from the very beginning again :wink:



Hi Paolo

Thank you for your detailed email.
Please put me on waiting list for 1-2 rigs depending on the price.
My info:
Dariusz Galewski

If you need any more details please let me know



Hi Paolo,

I am based in London. Interested in buying a RX 480 rig.




Hi mate, I was looking for 2x Rx 470 4 gb. Set up in London for WiFi connection. Are these prices correct, and can you deliver to Whitechapel east London?



to @Adamw & @coolnair

RX470 & RX480 have been discontinued (the manufacturer is not producing them anymore) for months now. They have been replaced with RX570 & RX580

Next batch of miners should be ready at the beginning of August.

Will let you know in here when available, specs, prices etc



Ok mate, thanks!

If the prices are similar, I'll be up for taking 2 as soon as you're ready.



Please put me on waiting list for 1-2 rigs subject to price.

I'm based in London W8 so I can collect in person.

Francis B


We are looking for 10 miners. We are based in Leicester, East Midlands If you are in a position to help us with this then please contact us at your earliest convienience so that we can make an agreement and move forward.




For the past few days I have been working on a Zcash specific mining rig

3+ Ghz CPU
2 x 4GB Dual Channel DDR memory
2 x 1000W Platinum PSU
6 x 1080 Ti Nvidia GeForce GTX

Energy consumption: ~1450W
Speed: 4200 Sol/s

Price: £5990 (may vary depending on market conditions)
Stock: built to order
Deposit: required
Lead time: 5 business days (given graphic cards availability)

Pictures coming up (possibly tomorrow)


Hi Paolo,

New to mining and interested in buying first rig to get started.

Are these prices still valid? If so I would like some advice on best for ethereum and maybe litecoin. The extra cost isn't an issue as long as it is worth it.

When is the soonest I could get a rig?

£2129.76 for RX570 4GB 7000 Mhz
£2222.56 for RX580 4GB 7000 Mhz
£2408.58 for RX580 8GB 8000 Mhz



Hi @MattNor10 ,

Prices should be pretty much close to those but will confirm when I have stock in hand. The date is still unknown for now. It should be mid to end July, possible beginning of August.

Litecoin is not suitable for these miners, they require ASICS miners.

ETH definitely. Either the RX580 4GB or the 8GB. I don't think I will build anymore RX570, the price difference is neglect-able. I will also look into the Nvidia 1070 once the price comes down to normal levels.

Will keep you posted in here about new stock developments..



Hi, Paolo, do you have exact hasrates for RX580 rigs?
And do you ship to Ukraine?


Hi @rouslan84

There isn't such a thing as "exact" hashrate, there is a range. For the RX580 it goes from 145 Mh/s to 163 Mh/s depending on cards (same card model, different batch may have different hashrate) 145Mh/s to 155Mh/s for 4GB version and 155Mh/s to 163Mh/s for the 8GB version.. and no, I/you/we can't pick and chose which memory is installed into the GPU that is matter of luck.

ETA to be confirmed for the next batch, may be two/three weeks, may be longer.

Those who wish to spend £600 more per rig and have it now, please met know and I will build on order but no returns allow due to graphic cards high purchasing cost.

As Ukraine is part of Europe, yes, I do ship there.

Hope this clarify :slight_smile: