GPU mining rigs European supplier London based Vega RX580 NVIDIA 1070 1080Ti single mining rig to farm setup


Good day :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, I like the way you answering. Very detailed and clarifying :slight_smile:

Still have a lot of questions, cos I'm a newbie in those technologies, so I'll contact you via email.

Thanks in advance!


I have got One Ethereum Mining Rig Availble now..

8 GPUs RX 570 (4 x MSI and 4 x Gigabyte)

power consumption 1300W
Hash rate 205/225 Mh/s

Pictures upon request..

contact via txt. 07902731663


Hi Paolo, I’m interested and sent an email. Posting here to keep updated on further posts! Thanks.


Hello PaoloS,
I’ve just seen your post and I’m very interested in your service, however i don’t really understand a few things, Firstly do you also build the rig and then send or are you just a distributor of parts, also if you do build these rigs would you be able to build a rig very similar to what you have described however using RX 480 Nitro+ for cost efficiency as I am on a budget and I think 580’s would cost more. Or please feel free to recommend why you would advise another card.
Kind regards


Hi @Daniel.P, the rigs are always fully built, if you give me your coin wallet address they will just be plug and play.

RX580 are the new RX480. RX480 have been discontinued for quite some time now.
Cost wise, now is the worst time to talk about budget, because the price for GPU are high compared to two months ago. In my opinion (this is not an advise on what you should be doing) if you are on a budget, wait for a month or two (I do not know if prices will come down, just hope like everyone else and soon)

Any card is fine for mining, some slightly better than other (Nitro+ like MSI Gaming X and few others have a large radiator hence they stay cooler and perhaps giving those 5 extra mega-hashes for a higher initial purchasing price) but generally speaking the mining “game” is not about squeezing out the last hash rate at the cost of energy efficiency and graphic card life expectancy but about scaling the business (aka buying as many machines as possible)

We all have different opinions on this, I am not here to debate what’s best, this is just my line of business :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the quick reply and advice, I will take it into
account and we’ll try get back to you as soon as possible.
Kind regards,


Hi all,

it has been a while but finally, after nearly two months of forced holiday, we are back in business…

Some Terms & Conditions first of all:
Due to limited components availability still, fluctuating market and prices, any order placed in August (2017 :wink: ) will be considered a special order and therefore will require a non refundable 30% deposit. In case you change your mind and decide not to purchase the product/s any longer, you will loose the deposit. The deposit cannot be applied to any other, past or future purchases, this is to cover the premium cost of the components of your order.
Special orders cannot be returned but as I understand mining computers are a considerable investment I am prepared to accept returns still, within 14 days of receiving the rig/s, if you agree to a 30% re-marketing / restocking fee (for the same reason given above: components cost)
If you place an order and I have received the deposit but I do not manage to secure the required components (because they sold out or becomes unavailable during this time…) the sale will be cancelled and the deposit will be refunded in its entirety.

I understand how this may sound; if you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions, or are unsure about purchasing mining equipment, please be patient and wait until the market have settled down. I will hopefully soon lift this deposit requirement :slight_smile:

These T&C applies only to orders made during the month of August for now. It may be extended to September based on component’s market.

I cannot say or speculate when and if the situation will change I can only hope like everyone that it will settle down one day soon.

Now, back to the actual rigs:

I have 5 rigs left from this first batch that will be ready tomorrow but I am waiting for a confirmation from a customer. The price (if they becomes available) is £3145 inclusive of VAT per rig + delivery
On these rigs, the 6 x GPU installed are the MSI Gaming X RX580 8GB (considered the second best card in the RX world for mining…)

If you like to have Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ 8GB instead (considered the best RX card for mining) the price would be £3438 inc. VAT + delivery. These rigs can be ready by mid next week for shipping (or delivery & installation if within range)
There is no guarantee I can secure the Sapphire cards until I’ve paid the distributor (first come first served bases these days) hence I cannot guarantee their availability until I place the order with the distributor based on your specific order.

Please get in touch by emailing or call 07448620428 at your earliest convenience.

Will keep posting in here about future rigs availability and prices.

Many thanks and have a pleasant weekend :slight_smile:


Brand new rigs available to order today for delivery this week:

  1. 6 x GTX 1070 8GB | 2500 Sol Zcash / 180 Mhs Ethereum both using only 765 watts

GTX 1070 Mining Rig £3785.00 inc. VAT - 4 available for immediate delivery no deposit needed. £500 discount on the total invoice + free delivery and setup in mainland UK if you buy 5 or more rigs together.

  1. 5 x GTX 1080Ti 11GB | 3000 Sol Zcash / 175 Mhs Ethereum

GTX 1080 Ti mining rig £4995.00 inc VAT - no deposit needed only 1 available at this price

Please get in touch by emailing or call 07448620428 at your earliest convenience.


6 x MSI RX570 Gaming X 4GB running at 150 Mh/s @ £2590 per rig.

8 rigs available at this price.

Order today for delivery this week or early next.

Due to market volatility, all quotations are valid for 24 hours only.



6 x GTX 1070 8GB | 2500 Sol Zcash / 180 Mhs Ethereum both using only 765 watts.

£3675.00 inc. VAT - 3 available for immediate delivery no deposit needed. £500 discount on the total invoice + free delivery and setup (within certain UK areas) if you buy 5 or more rigs together.


Had the pleasure of having Paolo around yesterday to install a 1070 rig. Excuse me for sounding like a shill, but I would highly recommend his service!

Rig is very tidy and well constructed, plus it comes pre-set up completely ready to go. I’d highly recommend going with any of his rigs here if you were at all interested in building a pre-made rig!



3000 Sol Zcash
175 Mhs Ethereum
Just below 1000W consumption at the wall

5 x GTX 1080Ti 11GB
1200W Platinum PSU
8GB DDR3 Memory RAM
Intel Pentium G3260 3.3 GHz
Asrock BTC Pro R2 Motherboard

GTX 1080 Ti mining rig £4675.00 inc VAT - no deposit needed - only 1 available at this price

Please get in touch by emailing or call 07448620428 at your earliest convenience.


If you are in or around Central London on Thursday 31st at 18:30, please feel free to come and join me.

Live mining demonstration.

The event is FREE but please RSVP on Meetup as space is limited.



My hat off to you for doing a meet and greet like this, I hope it’s successful!


Were you there? :smiley:


No, since I am in the States, I could not attend.


Good Evening PaoloS,

Would there be a possibility for you to provide consultation on mining for a small fee?

As I’m currently in process of setting my rig up I have encountered few difficulties. I’m based in not far from central london. If possible please leave drop me a message.



If you’re in need of basic troubleshooting, you might just put out a message in the Mining section (or open a new topic in Mining). There’s a whole community that’s willing to help…for free. Up to you, though.


Hi Lukas,

don’t usually do this but feel free to contact me via WhatsApp and I’ll see what I can do. If it is something simple, I should be able to help remotely.

Kind regards,



New prices (subject to confirmation at the time of the order)


If instead of an open frame, you like a 19", 4U server case, then please add £299.00 per rig

Kind regards,