Graphic cards memory size

first of all i’m really new to mining and i haven’t even built my first rig(i’m in the process of making). after reading on many different sites and forums i’ve come to understand that gtx 1080 ti cards are the go to cards for mining. What I haven’t found out is no one speaks about their graphics cards memory size. I’m talking about 1080 cards specifically as they come in 8 or 11 gigabytes. On older topics i’ve read that small memory size affects profitability but all they were talking about was 2 and 4 gigabytes.

So, anyone can help me understand what difference these 8 and 11 GB cards have and how they affect mining, which one should i get? or any other kind of information that would help me decide on what to buy.

Thanks in advance!

1080 have 8GB of GDDR5X and 1080 ti have 11 GB GDDR5X. They are not the same and are 2 different models. The price has a big difference too.

Anyways for mining it all depends witch coins you are mining: some give better performance with higher vram available, for others it might not matter, others mine better with GDDR5 than GDDR5X, it really all depends on what you are willing to mine.

For your consideration:
1080 ti > 1080
1070 ti > 1080

there’s no argument that larger GPU memory banks outperform their lower-memory counterparts on Equihash (Zcash algorithm). I can’t give you a profitability margin (though you could fairly easily calculate with data from Google), but Inwould recommend purchasing cards with the largest memory bank you can afford.

No to mention that “TI” versions are energy efficient so more profitable in income and as well as hardware wear( electrical wire on the wall could burn and set the house on fire if you use multiple GPUs on weak cables )