Trouble adding a 5th GPU


Need some help.
I have an ASUS P7P55D-E MoBo with an intel i5 650 dual core processor.
Have 8 gig of DDR3 Ram
2 750w EVGA Ps
1 600x EVGA Ps
Running with 5 Risers.
4 EVGA 1080 Ti GPU
1 EVGA 1070 Ti GPU
I can run the 4 1080’s with no issues but when I try to add the 1070 I get a WER.exe Fault.
I disable the fault reporting but on boot up all I get is a blank screen.
I disable the 5th card and everything runs fine. I reconnect the 5th card and NaDa.
My son and I have searched through the BIOS to no avail.


Enable above 4g decoding, then it should work.


Where do I do that?
We went through the BIOS and found nothing replayed to 4g decoding.



are you sill having issues with this motherboard? if you have fixed it a different way already please post the fix. I highly suspect it is a riser/windows/driver issue.

A few things that might help narrow down the issue and don’t involve bios settings

0 - does the rig boot into safe mode with all 5 cards?
1 - have all 1080ti’s connected and working. now shutdown and replace a 1080ti with the 1070ti. only replace the card, use the same riser/power/etc. Does this work?
2 - have all the 1080ti’s connected and working. now shutdown and move a 1080ti from the slot it is in to the “5th” slot. Does this make a difference?
3 - change the riser used for gpu 0 with the riser you are using for the 1070ti. Do not change the power wiring of the riser keep it connected as if it were the 1070ti

regarding the bios., I looked over your bios manual from -

pages 2-20 through to 2-25 should be of help. just disable anything you don’t need that shares and IRQ with a PCI-E device. Also make sure you are on the latest bios, they had some PCIe issues with the old bios’

You also try the same thing with plug n play OS enabled then disabling all the stuff that shares IRQ’s with the PCI-E lanes. and you can try the opposite disable plug n play os then set the irq’s manually.

let me know if I can be of anymore help. (oh and when you get the latest bios version just try pressing f7 once it has loaded… it is a long shot but hey, it might work…)

Are you grounding all the power supplies to the same wall socket? is the frame metal?



Wow, that quite a bit of info and deeply appreciated.

I believe we have tried the A-B swaping of components.

As a matter of fact I believe the very 1st time I tried to run with 5 cards, I actually had the cards running but I kept getting the WER.EXE Fault. It was filling my screen every 5 seconds.

Then I started having issues with Betterhash and Norton so I decide to go to NiceHash and moved my 5th card upstairs to my office computer which had 1 PCI-e 16 slot and it was up there till this weekend.

I read on a couple of other forums and they all seemed to mention Power supply, power supply. So I reviewed in my head my hookups and thought maybe, I had too much on 1 PS.

I rearranged things, and now have 2 1080Ti’s on its own 750watt and 2 on another 750W PS and the 1070Ti on its own 600W.

I disabled the wer.exe fault reporting and Windows re-paid me by not allowing anything to show after re-boot, blank screen, had a curser but all black screen.

Shut down and unplugged the fifth riser rebooted and everything was fine.

Shutdown and plugged in the riser and blank screen. After a couple of those not even a cursor would come up.

I even went to the ASUS home page and had a “chat” to explain the situation and they tell me the MOBO is maxed out at 4 GPU’s, whether that’s correct or not I don’t know.

So here I sit only able to run my 4 1080’s and an idle 1070.

Once again thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep you posted.


My Bios has nothing regarding 4g .


You may not get it to work without 4G decoding. That is what allows 4 or more GPU’s on a motherboard. Otherwise the GPU’s have to use 32 bit memory addressing and it runs out of memory. You can try to set them all to Gen 1 for the PCI express setting. Also, look for a BIOS update to see if they added 4G decoding.


I recommend that you wipe the system clean and install W10 afresh. If your MB has a video out connection, boot from that first. Once you’re up, add one GPU at a time, confirm it is installed and repeat. It takes time…and you need to wait for it.

You can try to adjust your virtual mem to 16gm, too in windows, but I run multiple 6 gpu miners and if one acts flaky, I reinstall windows 10 and let it go at that.


Thank you for all the tips. I’ll keep you all posted if anything changes.


Once again thanks for all the advice.
In the end I bought a Biostar Motherboard TB250-BTC PRO Core i7/i5/i3 LGA1151 Intel B250 DDR4 Supports 6 AMD and 6 Nvidia Graphics cards.

I used the cpu and memory from my office pc and a new 25.00 case. Hooked up each Gpu 1 at a time and after a minor bios tweak it’s running all 5 cards just fine .

Claims it’ll run 6 nvidia and 6 and cards. Sent from my iPhone


It will run 6 GPU’s without issue. I have a few of them, each with 6 on them.