Hardware required to build 1 MH/s rig

What are the hardware required to build a 1 MH/S super rig?

Roughly 1,430 1080Ti

and about 400kW power line instalation :slight_smile:

PS: count with high voltage electrical connection with own transformer …in my country usualy 22kV to 400V conversion
and you may produce heat for small town :slight_smile:

ans silence was…I’m pretty jealous tbh

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40-50 firepro 7000s
8-10 motherboards
8-10 HDD
30 ddr sticks
4-5+ Power supply(s) 1000w per rig
200 cp cooling fans + supplemental
I imagine you could get all that for 10-15 grand max
I run 1 rig 5 firepros, 3 ddr, 1 HDD, 3 power supplies 300w apiece, 10 fans plus one one big oscillating fan, 1.45 khs actual, at 1.38 avg so 8 or 9 more of those for 1mh plus

if you do 1.45khs for five 7000s card for 1megaHs you need 3448 GPUs !!!

if is true expression that 1mega is 1000k :slight_smile:

sorry! I get loopy after lunch, dont mind me dont know why i thought 1m was 10k!

its ok :slight_smile: but it will be nice …

Yea chock that up to wishful thinking!